A Faith Update

First…I would like to thank you all for the kind words. I have tried to respond separately by email to your comments, but there are just too many, so I apologize if I did not get back to you.  I only did what any of you would do under the same circumstances.  I was blessed by being in the right place at the right time.  Plus, I was very lucky to have Boxer resources and friends to help!  The story of Faith has a happy ending because of the actions of many.

Depositphotos_6435001_xsFaith had her surgery earlier today.  According to the vet who performed it, it was a textbook surgery and she is expected to make a full recovery.  Miracles of miracles, there was no bone death.  So…good news…she has all four legs! And there was an error in my previous post…the hip was not shattered, as I had been told.  It was a break in the upper leg bone.  Here is the x-ray of the post-surgery leg showing the metal plate which was put in:

10967951_10152894475319230_1248470131_nI was privileged to watch a video of her waking up after the surgery.   Of course, she had to wag that tail.   Faith will be released to her foster family tomorrow or Friday, and will receive the love, care, and training she deserves, as they ready her for adoption.  I would love to adopt her, but I know I cannot.  In the meantime, I will support her in the best ways I know how, and that includes donating to her medical care.   Although the rescue is calling her Sadie…she will always be Faith to me…and she will always hold a special place in my heart.   Live long and run pain free, sweet Faith!  Until next time…

I Made a Difference Today…a Non-Stamping Post

I want to give give you a heads-up…this is a not a card related post.  There are no fancy pictures, but instead just narrative.  I am hoping by draining the words from my body, I will also drain the emotion from my soul.  I made a difference today in the life of a poor, abused Boxer puppy…

Depositphotos_6435001_xsI received a call from my vet yesterday asking if I knew of any Boxer rescues. A five month old puppy had been brought in with a broken hip.  This was not the type of break that occurs from playing, but rather the type that occurs from abuse.  My vet could not find it within her heart to put the puppy to sleep, like the owner had requested.  Instead, she had the puppy signed over to the clinic, and then she called me.  Would I be able to use my contacts in the Boxer world to get the special help this puppy girl needed? You bet I could!!!


I immediately contacted my friends associated with boxer rescue.  In less than an hour, X-rays had been faxed to an orthopedic specialist; arrangements had been made for her surgery Wednesday morning in Omaha; and a foster family was lined up for her post-surgery rehabilitation and training.  One obstacle remained…get her to Omaha.  I volunteered to take this puppy on the first leg of her journey to a new life…

Depositphotos_6435001_xsThe moment I laid eyes on her, I fell in love.  She hobbled over on three legs to greet me.  With the exuberance of an adorable Boxer puppy, this malnourished little girl tried her best with a broken hip to wiggle that Boxer butt.   As I carefully lifted her frail little body into the crate in the back of my van, I vowed to her that from this day forward, life would be different for her.  Gentle touches and caresses would replace harsh and heavy hands.  Soft words would replace angry shouts. She would know the love of a family, not the violence of an ugly heart.  She would never again feel the pangs of an empty tummy, or the icy cold of a winter’s night.  She would learn to play with toys.  She would learn to run on three legs. (Yes, there is probably bone death, and an amputation is probably necessary.)  She would learn people can be trusted.  And I prayed she would forget the abuses she had endured…

Depositphotos_6435001_xs“I will call you Faith,” I told her.  And we proceeded on our trip.  I cried when I left Faith behind.  I cried on the long drive home.  I cried for the loss of sweet puppy innocence.  I cried because of all she had endured.  I cried because at the end of our journey, she blessed me with a lick under my chin…a thank you from a grateful girl.   And I cried because many years ago, on February 11th, 2000, I saved another brindle Boxer girl from a life of abuse, one who looked so much like Faith.  Missy the Boxer, went on to live with us for 10 years, leaving us on February 4, 2010.  So many memories came flooding back.

Depositphotos_6435001_xsFaith will go on to live a wonderful life.  She will be loved and spoiled, and she will have a forever family of her own who will adore her…the boxer rescue group will make sure of it.  On the way home, I saw a road sign that said, “New Life”.  Faith, here is to your “new life”! I am so happy I was able to help make it possible…

Love and Faith Stones.

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