Online Host Club

Are you ready to combine the value of your online orders with those of other stampers from across the United States? Are you ready to use a shared Host Code and take your turn at receiving free product? If so, you may want to join The Stampin’ Schach’s Online Host Club!

host clubEach club consists of three members who will participate in two consecutive three-month terms. Each member commits to buying $50 (before tax and shipping) each month. Each month, for a total of six consecutive months, you place your order online, through my site, using a special host code which I provide for you. When it is your turn to be host, you will reap the rewards!  By setting up groups of three, you will be hosting TWICE during your six month commitment,  and will be able to get all your favorite items  from both  the new 2020-2021 Annual Catalog  AND the 2020 August  – December Mini Catalog! Contact me today, as spaces are limited.

Ready to learn more?
  • Email me ([email protected]) and let me know you want to sign up for a club.
  • When 3 people have signed up, I will email everyone to let them know the club is ready to start.
  • Every month for six months, each club member will place an online order that is at least $50 (before shipping and handling) in my online store, using a special host code which I will email you each month.
  • As a club member, two of those 6 months you will be allowed to choose free host reward products.  Because club members can order more than $50 a month, it is possible that your rewards can be greater than those available at the $150 level.  However, you’ll have at least $15.00 of Stampin’ Rewards dollars to spend on the exclusive Host Stamp Sets, or any other current Stampin’ Up! product during your host months.
  • Hosts will be selected in the order in which they sign up for the club.  For example, the first person to email me will be the first host once the club has filled.  During your host month, I will work closely with you to place your order and to order your rewards.
  • Club members are responsible for any and all taxes and shipping fees on their orders and on Host Reward products (if applicable). Please remember that minimum shipping is $6.95, and that in some states, host rewards are taxable.
  • At the end of your six month commitment, you will receive a FREE STAMP SET of your choice, in appreciation from me, valued up to $25.

Please remember, this is a 6 month commitment, of at least $50 per month (before tax and shipping).  The success of the club depends on every member fulfilling their commitment.

Questions and Answers

Q. Can I order more than $50?
A. Absolutely!

Q. During my host month, can I get orders from my friends?
A. Of course! They can place their order in my online store, using your host code!

Q. Can I cancel if I decide the Club is not for me?
A. We are asking for a 6 month commitment. Your fellow club members are depending on you to place your order each month.

Q. How long do I have to place my order?
A. You will have seven days after receiving the host code in which to place your order. We don’t want to keep our host in suspense as to how may dollars in host rewards they have to spend.

Q. When will I receive my goodies?
A. Because everyone except the host is placing their order online using the host code, you will receive your products within the normal Stampin’ Up! shipping time.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to email me!

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