Upon Lexi’s Passing…

Grand Champion Burlwood’s Unlike Any Other
April 17, 2012 – December 28, 2020

It is with unbearable sadness that I am writing of the loss of our dear sweet Lexi. She was a beautiful girl, a brave girl, a funny girl, a loving girl, and she made my world a better place. My heart is breaking, but Kim and I would not let her suffer. We loved her too much to ever let that happen. And just like we knew she would, on a gray December morning, she let us know it was time for her to make her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. She was tired of fighting.  Cancer had won…

She laid in my arms that morning on the floor in the vet’s office, as I told her it was OK to say good-by…that I loved her with all my heart, and that I would never forget her.  For what seemed like an eternity, I cradled her, cuddled her, kissed her…trying to drink in everything about her.  I will miss her eyes gazing lovingly at me. I will miss our walks. I will miss our snuggles and cuddles. I will miss her sassiness. I will miss everything about her!

She was a hoot, and has left a huge hole in our hearts which will take a long time to heal. The entire pack is grieving in their own ways, and I am helping them adjust to the loss of the “Alpha of the Toys”. But in their infinite doggie wisdom, they knew it was time for her to cross. They knew she wasn’t well. They knew what I didn’t want to accept. My heart aches as her bowls sit empty, as her collar and leash lay untouched, as her favorite blankie still lays in her favorite spot on the floor. My heart ached as Muffy let out a single mournful howl, calling for a pack member who would never return. My heart ached as Sixx left her breakfast untouched. My heart ached as Brody sat faithfully at the window, waiting for a friend who has gone forever.
Lexi taught me a lot during her short eight years here on earth…and maybe that was her mission…to teach me to be more carefree and to be more loving. To find the joy in a walk, to find the fun in playing with your friends, to take time to just enjoy the essence of being alive.

Four years ago today, I wrote the following post on Facebook. How prophetic it rings now that Lexi has passed.

“I write this for all of my friends who have lost their beloved dogs. With each post I have read, tears have been shed. Tears for you, and tears for me as I thought about my past. As I sat at my computer this morning, I sought solace in writing. Hopefully my thoughts will provide us all with some comfort: It is better to have known the love of a dog, than to never have known that love at all. Love which is unconditional. Love that brings with it the wag of a tail, the prick of an ear, the tilt of a head. Love that feels your sorrow, feels your pain, feels your loneliness, and with one touch, makes all of that disappear. Love that feels your joy and your happiness, and with one touch, magnifies those feelings tenfold. And even though it saddens us, grieves us to the point of despair when God decides it is time for them to leave our side and move onto another plain, in His wisdom He leaves us with memories that in time will warm our hearts and bring smiles back to our faces until we meet up with them again…memories of how much richer our lives are because we loved…and were loved by…a dog.
And so I await that time, when I can think of her and smile. I await that time when the tears that flow so freely now become tears of joy because I was blessed to have her in my life. And I await that time when she greets me again with that sassy bark…Run free sweet angel!

GCH Burlwood’s Unlike Any Other April 17, 2012 – December 28, 2020




  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. We also had to say goodbye by to our sweet Rosie this year before Thanksgiving. Damn cancer took her too. Sending many hugs to help heal your hearts.

  2. Ann, after these many years of enjoying photos of your Lexi from puppy to adulthood, I was so sorry to read about the passing of Lexi. Your updates on her health struggles were followed, always having hope for better news. I know it is difficult to lose a pet, especially one who has a deep hold on one’s heart. I am thinking of you.❤️

  3. So sorry for your loss Ann! I am crying reading this knowing the pain you are going through having been there myself with my sweet boxers. My heart goes out to you and your boxer family.

  4. Just hugs! You’ll know what I mean.

  5. Sharing in your sorrow. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the happiness, joy and love of our fur babies. My heart is heavy over your loss and praying for some comfort to help you through.

  6. My heart is breaking as I read about Lexi crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, especially as it was just a few weeks ago when we corresponded about her treatments and future. She received such love from you through thick and thin, and I’m sure she felt great comfort from you in her last moments. My heart goes out to all your family, as I know she has left a huge hole in your daily lives.

  7. I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your beloved fur baby Lexi. I know your pain so well. I have enjoyed all your post about your beloved dogs. Your post helped me heal. My prayers are with you!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your dear Lexi. So incredibly hard to lose our fur babies. Hugs to you. May the good memories heal your heart.

  9. I am bawling as I read about your sweet girl Lexi and the love you both shared. I too, just said goodbye to my 19 year old beloved boy Jack , in mid December. This helped me to grieve more. Our house has never been more quiet and doesn’t feel like home without him. Just wanted to let you know, I understand the love and the pain you feel. God bless you, Ann…..I hope they great us someday on the other side!! To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. Viscott??

  10. My heart aches for you. My dear sweet Luigi passed away suddenly in June. He had renal failure and acted “fine” until a few days before he passed away. It’s the hardest thing I ever lived through. He was a huge part of our lives and almost everything revolved around him. I do believe he sent me my newest baby – Rocco. My heart is healing but it is so hard. First Christmas without him in 12 years.

  11. I will hold your family in my heart and prayers! Your message was so touching- thank you for posting it. God bless you, Ann

  12. Ann and Kim, I am so sorry for your loss of Lexi. We have lost many of our pets and it breaks our hearts. We had a dog we had to put to sleep because she had cancer. We had one chemo treatment done on her and that night she let out a howl we had never heard from her before. We knew it was time to let her go. Our other dogs have grieved also by looking for them and were depressed for a few days. They have feelings even though some people don’t think so. My prayers to both of you as you grieve the loss of your precious Lexi. I am so sorry our pets get the same kind of diseases we get.

  13. Ann, I am so sorry for the loss of Lexi. Thank you for sharing with your virtual community. I have followed Lexi’s stories and success since you brought her home. Sending hugs and prayers.

  14. I am so sorry to read this. I am praying for comfort and peace for you as you morn your sweet pup.

  15. Ann please accept my sympathy for the loss of your dear Lexi. Our special furry family members bring so much joy, but often leave us much too soon. Knowing how much you loved her I’m sure you made her life as comfortable as possible.

  16. I send my love and thoughts for you and your family. The loss of Lexi is sad for me too as a dog owner. Cherish your memories and I hope they will help.

  17. So sorry for your loss. It’s never easy but we love them enough to not let them suffer…..

  18. Rest Ann and family, sooo sorry for your loss. I have two fur babies that are up in years and know how much we love our animals. My wishes are with you. Hugs Anne

  19. Dear Ann and family, my deepest sympathy on the loss of Lexi. These precious creatures are our family to be loved and miss dearly. She watch over you always. Hugs, Kris

  20. I am so sorry to read of Lexi’s passing. I cried like a baby reading your post as it brought back memories of my Breeze passing at 16 years. Our pets are our hearts and I know they are waiting for us in Heaven. All my love to you.

  21. I am so sorry to hear about Lexi. I have been following your boxers on your blog for years and always looked forward to reading about them. I remember when Lexi was a puppy. Our pets are such a big part of our lives and it is so hard when we lose them. My prayers to you and your family on the loss of Lexi.

  22. Ann, I am so so sorry to hear your sad news. I just lost my precious little Millie so it was very difficult to read your beautiful tribute to Lexi. I pray that God helps ease the pain you and all those who loved Lexi.

  23. Ann, I am so sorry to read if Lexi’s passing. How blessed you were to have shared her love and we feel we also knew her through you generously sharing her with us. This beautiful girl knew unconditional love her entire life through the very end and beyond. You are in my loving thoughts.

  24. Had a hard time reading because of the tears in my eyes also. So sorry for the passing of Lexi. Our furry friends have a special place in our hearts & wonderful memories that last forever. Hugs to you.

  25. Had a hard time reading because of the tears in my eyes also. So sorry for the passing of Lexi. Our furry friends have a special place in our hearts & wonderful memories that last forever. Hugs to you.

  26. I’m so sorry. We lost our sweet boxer at the same age. Broke our hearts. After 4 years We rescued a deaf boxer who was beaten, shot with BBs and is now 3 and fairly well adjusted. While we love this pup, our hearts forever belong to Sugar. Again, I feel your heartache.

  27. ann i have no words for your loss. my heart breaks when i read of someone else’s fur kid that has passed (my last one passed at my feet 3yrs ago). so SORRY for your packs loss!

  28. I had a hard time reading your post because of the tears in my own eyes……..remembering the two furry family members that we had and lost. They truly do worm their way into our hearts……even rescued mutts like we had.

    So sorry for the sadness that the other members of Lexi’s family who are grieving as well. Hearing how they are reacting broke my heart!

    Sending virtual hugs to all of you!

  29. Oh Ann and Kim, so sorry for your loss, I know how bad it hurts.

  30. I am so sorry to hear this. Hugs to all.

  31. I have been following your page for a number of years now and I feel like I know Lexi as if she was my own. My fur baby is a Yorkie and I know of lost of a loved pets. Keep your head up and remember the good times. God Bless.

  32. I’m so sorry for yours and your family’s loss.

  33. Ann, so sorry to hear of your loss of sweet Lexi.

  34. I have tears in my eyes and all choked up as I’m trying to contain myself while feeling your loss Ann! There are no other words other than I truly feel your pain. I still miss our Boxer, DJ, who we had to let go of because of cancer about 15 years ago. He was the same age as Lexi as well. I hate to admit that I play favorites but Lexi and Brody have always been my favorites as they both remind me of our DJ! My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who loved Lexi. Sending you BIG HUGS!

  35. Dear Ann: Words can’t express how sad I am for the loss of your beloved Lexi. I met her when she was a little pup and saw her grow up in the pictures you shared with us.
    I’ve experienced this kind of unbelievable sadness before, my family has lost several doggies and kitties over the years, and the pain and yearning for them slowly subside and it’s replaced by happy memories of them on vacations, and Holidays and just playing in the yard. It’s so sad to know her playmates miss her so much too.
    I cried as I was reading this post this morning, I’ve been absent for a while, trying to recharge my MOJO and start a new year of crafting soon.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful homage of Lexi, she will forever live in your memories and ours, and in our heart. As you said it so profoundly and truthfully, “it’s better to have known the love of a dog, than to never have known that love at all”, even in the pain of losing these wonderful life companions, having one and enjoying their company, makes the sadness worthwhile.
    I send my love and deep condolences, to you and your family.

    Maria Rodriguez.

  36. I’m so sorry…I know your Love for her.

  37. Ann,
    I can still remember when you brought Lexi home eight years ago. My heart melted, while soaking in all her puppy loveliness, when I saw her puppy photo those eight years ago. I too love animals, a lot. Never forget Ann,
    “Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”
    Alfred Lord Tennyson
    Loralee Parish

  38. Dear Ann,
    I have tears in my eyes reading your post… Lexis will been seen by you one day as she will come running to meet you. They do make our lives so much richer with their love and how lucky we are that they have been in our lives and have loved us. I send you peace for your heart that is aching. Take care

  39. Ann no words can overcome your current pain. I only wish you heartfelt memories to carry you forward. I sit here crying for you loss.

  40. So sorry for your loss! We just went through that with our sweet and sassy Miss Coco. Our dogs are like our extended children and they love us as much as we love them. Praying for your comfort and knowing she will be waiting for you at the bridge ❤️

  41. As I sit here sobbing – there are no words. I have been in your shoes and know the pain. So sorry you have to endure this but you have many good memories to carry with you until you are together again. Hugs

  42. Ann, I am so very sorry. It is difficult to lose a furry family member. My condolences to the Schach family, two- and four-legged. Hugs for all.

  43. There are no words except “I am so sorry”….you have so many treasured memories to look back on. Thinking of you and the rest of your family as you mourn. Sending hugs!

  44. Ann I am so sorry for your great loss. It is never easy to say goodbye when we loose our fur- loyal friends and they gave us a lot of enjoyment with them. They will always have a place in our hearts. Our thoughts & prayers for healing1

  45. Ann dear lady, your heart is broken I know, oh my how this hurts. I’m sure you learned much from Lexi and shared so much joy with her as did her other furry friends. I am so very sorry for your loss. Lexi knew how much you loved her unconditionally.

  46. Ann, I am so sorry for your loss of Lexi. It was kind of you to not let her suffer. I know you know this but in time you will only smile when you think of her. You gave her a wonderful life. In return, she gave you complete devotion and wonderful memories. Hugs.

  47. So sorry for your loss. My thought and prayers are with you and your family at this extremely difficult time!

  48. OMG Ann I am so sorry to hear the news. I sit here at the computer to write this with tears in my eyes for you and your family! I know how you feel we had a miniature schnauzer and the pain of that loss was so great I cannot bring myself to get another dog! My prayers are wit you!

  49. Kimberly Wynne Jones

    Unbelievable sadness to read about the recent passing of Lexi. Our pets become family members and instantly memories start. The love that they give us is unconditional. They have such an instinct that they know we need them and in the same our dogs need us. Your grief has left such a whole in your heart. Take time to reflect on the good times and will add you to my prayer list as you walk through this very difficult time.

  50. I have nothing to say that will help. My thoughts of grief and sadness are there with you. May you find solace with your other little ones as you all travel this road together.

  51. There are simply…no words…..

    • I am so sorry Ann for your loss. I know your heart is aching….as well as all of your family and the other pups. May your good memories last forever in your heart!

  52. Losing a pet is never easy. But I know from experience a Boxer is a very special breed (right now I have three Boxers myself). Your baby was beautiful. Your tribute to your baby was beautiful. As I read it it made me cry because unfortunately by being a pet owner I have had loses too. But like I said there is no love like a Boxer love. I am truly sorry for your loss. I truly hope in time your heart heals.

  53. What a beautifully written tribute. May God wrap His loving arms around you as you heal from Lexi’s passing.

  54. The joy you’ve shared with us over the years as you’ve welcomed each new boxer has brightened all our lives as well. So sad that Lexi crossed the rainbow bridge

  55. My heart breaks for you. You are right. It’s better to have loved a dog than to have never known that unconditional love you receive in return. Sending hugs. Dale

  56. There are never words that can say the right think right now. You write so well . Thank you for sharing with us. Norma

  57. As tears streamed down my face while I read your story my heart breaks for you. As I know the hurt of losing such a beloved member of the family. When we have had to say goodbye, the only peace I found was from the knowledge they were no longer in pain. We always chose to let our pets go rather than let them suffer. I feel your pain as I have been there as well. RIP dear Lexi. Run free.

  58. So very sorry to read about the loss of your sweet furbaby….from myself and my 2 furbabies – it’s not something I look forward to. Hugs. Mary, Inu & Tootsi, AZ

  59. I have no words except I’m so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. Your tribute is special and exudes your love for her. Hugs to you as you grieve your loss. FIP sweet Lexi.

  60. With much love, I send my deepest condolences to you and your family on your great loss. I know how dear Lexi was to all of you.
    It is indeed so difficult to lose a “member of the family”. May your happy memories sustain you!

  61. Ann: I accompany you in your pain. I have not known you for a long time, but you have written everything about Lexi. May God give you the serenity to accept His Will. Time will heal your sorrow . . . let Lexi rest in peace. She will always be with you.

  62. there is something so pure and innocent in their unconditional love, something people should have in their hearts. my heart hurts for you because I am familiar with the pain, the heartache, and the hole that will heal but not the way it was before. it will heal with the love of Lexi tucked inside your heart.

  63. I’m so sad for your loss. It’s a devastating loss isn’t it, but I felt like your words were written just for me as we still deal with losing our beautiful White Swiss Shepherd Oscar in February. I hope writing has helped you a little, but I wanted you to know it has also helped me a fellow SU demonstrator here in Australia. Thinking of you all as you mourn your sweet Lexi xx

  64. Oh Ann,
    It was heartbreaking to hear of your loss of Lexi. There is nothing like the love of a dog, loyal, faithful, protective and the lists goes on. She was truly a beautiful baby. Your pain is my pain as we lost our beautiful long-haired German Shepherd, Bear, the 22 April 2020. He was one month shy of turning 16 years old, which is old for a large boy like he was. It doesn’t get any easier with each one that crosses that bridge. I cried with you as I read your email. RIP Lexi.?

  65. My heart breaks for you and rejoices for Lexi to no longer be in pain or tired. You wrote a beautiful tribute. Sending hugs to all.

  66. I’m truly sorry to hear that, Ann.

  67. Ann, I am so sorry for your loss. You write from your heart and I cried with you. As pet owners, it never gets easier. However, the benefits we receive during their short time on earth outweighs never having had a fur baby. May Brody, Muffy, Sixx and Kim give you the comfort you need, along with our God Who created Lexi. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  68. My beloved, gentleman loving father who groomed his daughter every day of her ten years died at 16 this month. He was a Coton dela Teur. I stayed by his side every day since Covid and I could no longer volunteer every day. I have not been able to craft during this period. Loss is expectation lost. We were both ready but the grief, tears, ache remain. At 71 I am not going to start over.

  69. Sooo sorry for your loss! I’ve loved every story you share about your dogs. They are truly a part of your family and it’s hard to let them go. Thinking of you!

  70. I am so very sorry for your loss. My jeart knrw exactly what you are feeling. I will keep ypu in my thoughts and prayers.

  71. Oh Ann, I’m so sorry to hear about Lexi. I’m going through old emails. I love your fur baby updates. You never forget about our fur babies. I hope you are doing well. Stay positive and test negative! Have a nice 2021. Again my sympathies to you.

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