The Puppies Are Here

It’s great to be checking in with all of you today, after taking a break to take care of puppies.  Yep! The puppies are here!  While we are not out of the woods yet,  I am making a quick post today to let you know about our latest bundles of joy – the Party of Ten!


Yep! Party of Ten! While the X-rays only showed 6 for sure, maybe 7 or 8, Kendall blessed us with TEN puppies.  Ten is considered a large litter for a Boxer of Kendall’s size, so supplementation was in order.  We are hoping that Kendall does not decide to close the “milk bar” down before we get these babies started on puppy gruel! We have four girls and 6 boys. There are four fawns and six brindles.  Are you ready for some puppy cuteness?  Here you go!


While I don’t have pictures of everyone posted today, I will be certain to introduce you to each one in the upcoming days.  Because three of the puppies are low birth weight and “at risk”,  the litter does take up a huge amount of my time. I sleep beside the whelping box, and sometimes in it,  when I can find the time to sleep.  The babes are fed in shifts, and by the time the second shift finishes up, the first shift is ready to go again.  As they grow older and become more active, I have no idea what I am going to do!  It will be Puppy Pandemonium!


I’ll be back later this week with more puppy pictures, exciting information about the second Sale-A-Bration release, and hopefully a card!

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  1. SOOOO CUTE. My 12 yr. old Leo just crossed over the rainbow bridge last month.
    Wish I was ready for a new baby, I would be claiming one of them.

  2. Oh, my, gosh…look at the size of the paws already! They are sweet pups. Congrats!

  3. O my goodness… that is a very large family and I am sure you are exhausted but they are so very cute!!! Thank you for the day brighter with the photos. So very adorable I must say! Please take care of the two little ones that need the extra help. And please keep posting photos and you please take time if possible!

  4. They are adorable Ann!
    You look exhausted, and why wouldn’t you be. Take good care of mom and the pups, and of course yourself too!

  5. OMG–ten?! They sure are cute but what care that will require! Thanks for sharing pictures. Good luck with all of them.

  6. Love these puppies! Congrats to Kendall and you, Grandma! Looking forward to your puppy updates.

  7. Congratulations to Kendall and to you, Ann! You have quite a task ahead of you. I can’t imagine when they get a little bigger and trying to contain them. 🙂 You’re doing a great thing helping Kendall and the beautiful little puppies! If they didn’t get much bigger I’d love one. 🙂

  8. Congratulations! Your photos are so precious! Enjoy those sweet little ones! And their Mom couldn’t ask for better care givers to her and her little ones! 💕

  9. The puppies are adorable!!! You and Kendall are the best!

  10. Cuteness overload…..and work overload for you, Kim and Momma Bear. Anxious to see which one you will end up with! I think I am liking the fawns with lots of pink this time!

  11. What a beautiful litter!!! I have a rescue boxer who is now my service dog! She’s my first boxer and deffinately not my last. What an awesome breed, just wish they lived longer….

  12. Congratulations! Wow to 10 puppies!! They are so cute – even to me and I’m a cat lover, lol! Take time with them, they’ll love you for it.

  13. Ah Ann, these puppies are adorable! Wishing you, Kendall, and Kim lots of rest in between all your duties. Such precious moments to cherish! Love all the pics, thanks for sharing.

  14. That’s a lot of babies!! They’re so cute!! I hope they all stay healthy!

  15. Awww, precious babies, they are all adorable and yes you do have your hands full. With your love and nurturing, I am sure they will thrive.

  16. You and Kendell are sensational puppy mamas, Ann! Thank you for sharing these amazing and sweet photos!! Hugs, Darnell

  17. Puppy pictures made my day!!! Good luck!

  18. Big congratulations to you, your family and Kendall!!! These puppy’s are adorable and hoping the little ones will make it ok!!! You look exhausted taking care of the babies! And rightly so!! That is a huge job for you!!! Feeding and caring for this litter of babies! And then there is Kendall, she must be exhausted as well! But how wonderful they all are! Looking forward to meeting each one as you have time! Remember to take good care of YOU while taking care of Kendall and her puppies! Best of luck for getting your trest!

  19. Wow I wondered what you were up lucky you are that all are healthy and so adorable…one makes me want to come and visit and steal one..haha.

  20. Awwwwww,Ann how precious ……omg x100 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    And your such a GREAT GRANDMA ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Look at you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  21. oh my goodness…..what is your title….mamma, nanna, step mom? you sound so pleased in this post, as well, over whelmed! thanks for sharing in your busy puppy world, as I always love a good up date of any of God’s creatures.

  22. OMG – They are so stinking cute!! Congratulations to all of you!

  23. OMG! So stinking Cute!! Congratulations to all of you!

  24. I love all of these pictures, Ann! Especially of the sleeping Grandmama! It certainly shows your love and support to all of these darlings!

  25. 0oh my gosh, way cute. You are going to be a very busy puppy nanny for a while.

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