Tuesday’s Weekly Deals, Specials and Puppies, Too!

TuesdayUpdates_demo_Q12015_ENGWeekly Deals
April 14 – 20, 2015


Butterfly Thinlits Update

Stampin’ Up! sincerely hoped the Butterflies Thinlits Dies would arrive in time for Sale-A-Bration, but that didn’t happen.  They hoped they would be here in time for our Free Shipping promotion.  But that didn’t happen either.

However, there is GOOD news!  The Butterflies Thinlits will arrive in Stampin’ Up!’s  warehouse beginning the week of April 13…and they estimate you can begin ordering by April 15.

But wait…there’s more good news!  Starting with the day Butterflies Thinlits are again available, through April 30, SU! is bringing you two special offers:

  1. Get the Butterflies Thinlits at a 15 percent discount–just $21.20!
  2. Buy any of the Butterflies Thinlits Bundles at the already-discounted price and choose one of three FREE Sale-A-Bration items (only available while supplies last)!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Retirement List is Coming

L. Silke, Galway Town Crier at St.Patrick's ParadeCheck back on Tuesday, April 21st to check out the 2015 Retiring ListTip of the Day:  Don’t wait to stock up on the retiring 2013 – 2015 Retiring In Colors!  Remember how quickly they sold out last year? Don’t be disappointed!

New Technique Video From Stampin’ Up!
Using Sponge Daubers

Puppy Pictures of the Day!

Who can resist Mr. Chunkers?  I know I can’t!

IMG_1032Look at his smooshy nose!

IMG_1027And what about a puppy in a basket?

IMG_1015Little Mira is a fighter for sure! She has doubled her birth weight, and is only 2 ounces shy of two pounds!  Each day she gets stronger…and we are hopeful she will pull through.  I am still sleeping beside the whelping box, and I make sure she gets her fill during the quiet hours of the night.

IMG_1006Of course, the Flash Brothers always get their tummies full.  Above is Flashy Boy #1…Flash the Cash (for now).  Little Cash is not so little, weighing in today at 2 pounds 6 ounces.

IMG_1007Can you believe that tummy?

Not to be outdone, Jumpin’ Jack Flash weighed in at a whopping 2 pounds 10.9 ounces this morning.

IMG_1011Muffy is proud of her beautiful babies.

IMG_1017As for Lexi…

IMG_1022She is catching up on her beauty sleep and dreaming of heading back to the show ring.

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  1. Just viewed all your adorable mini-muffins, so cute. It’s so nice to hear your comments about each of them.

  2. They are beautiful! You’ve got to be tired but elated. Enjoy those precious little ones!

  3. Oh those puppies are so adorable and growing so fast! Even baby Mira is catching up. Hope your getting a little more rest this week. Hugs to you!

  4. Hi Ann, The puppies are growing so much how many days has it been now? Mira is looking good too! Could we see a photo of the Dad again to see who looks like who?

  5. I love them all. I share the “puppy news” with my family. Especially one of my granddaughters who is a dog (& cat) lover. Brie has a rescue of her own. You have your days filled with lots but thank you for taking the time to keep us updated on the “mini muffins” names and progress. Hugs and pats to Brody, Lexi, Muffy and Minies.

  6. They certainly are precious! Just love seeing the photos! You are great, Ann, with all you have to do!! So happy little Mira is picking up. She sure is a fighter, bless her heart. Would love to hold them all! Thanks, dear!

  7. Thank you so much for letting us share in the joy and progress of these little guys. You have made it so fun to watch the “family”!! Georgia

  8. Hello Ann: Well, I’m just so thrilled that all of the puppies are doing so well and growing and gaining weight, specially little Mira, she is truly catching up with the rest of her brothers and sisters.
    Muffy looks lovely surrounded by her babies, she is such a good mom, she is just beautiful.
    Thank you so much for the update and the pictures Ann, so sweet of you to keep us posted.

  9. Oh they are darling, everyone of them. Wish I lived closer I woul love to snuggle and take Ms Mira home with me.

  10. ckrobinson01@hotmaill.com

    So cute! Each one has their own little markings and personality to boot! Oh how to pick a favorite? So glad you can keep us updated with photos. What a proud mom!

  11. Hi Ann…. the little (and not so little) puppies are beautifully marked. The boys are going to be some brut in size I think, (they are already) and I am pretty sure they will not be slowing down. Mira is so sweet looking in her picture.I am so glad you keep giving us good news on her and Muffy. Lexi looks like a dream girl. Pass out some little kisses on these babies from me and an extra hug for Muffy…. and hugs to Brody and Lexi for being so patient with the new Schach crew.

  12. They are all beautiful! Really laughing how Lexi is so tucked in for now. Names are so neat. Glad you are still keeping your eye on all the babies and Muffy. Soon you will be in your bed. You are so wonderful! Thank you so much for taking time to keep us all posted. Keep them coming. Love all the updates. Still in our prayers for everyone.

  13. All so cute! Little pink noses and the little paws! Oh my! Wicked cute overload and just loving it! Thanks for sharing, oh and the Stampin’ stuff too!!!

  14. I am glad they are all doing so well, pulling for little Mira

  15. They are growing so fast! I love their floppy ears and smashed in noses.

  16. So cute! I love their little pink feet.

  17. Ohhhhhhh Ann,
    they are so darn sweet and cute. I love them too wish I could be there helping out. Hope all continues to go well.

    Love for babies and mommy

  18. Love those puppies! Glad they are all doing good. Would love to stop by and see them in person. Take time to rest.

  19. These fur babies are soooo precious….cannot help wondering which one you are going to keep…..thinking it may be sweet little Mira! Love their names…guessing at some point they will all be registered? Such sweet babies and yes their extremely proud Muffy! Love the pic of

  20. How many times can I say ADORABLE?? Prayers for little Mira; love the Flash Brothers names! What a wonderful Mom you are too; take and nap when the babes are napping! TFS, it always makes my day, Ann. Do Lexi and Brody interact with the Mini-Muffins? Hugs!

  21. Awe aren’t they the sweetest little puppies? OMG I can’t get enough of their improvement. What a nice few weeks you will have to see them all prosper to nice little mini muffins. I love them all! Keep the posts coming I am enjoying the updates… please. Smiles,

  22. Love those smooshed in faces; isn’t that what makes boxers adorable,. So happy to hear all muffins are doing well. Hope grandma is getting some rest!!

  23. Adorable x 1,000 !

  24. Mini Muffins and Stud Muffins (I mean Flash Boys) sure are cute!

  25. Oh my gosh Ann, I hadn’t dropped by for a while because I knew you were waiting for puppies but boy did I miss a lot! It looks like Muffy and Mira are doing better – what a blessing! Hope you are surviving okay! The puppies have gorgeous coloring, I’m excited for you. Take care!!

    Stef Perry

    • Patricia Huber (SU)

      Oh, my. They are adorable!! The Flash brothers have such cute names and BIG tummies. I am pulling for Mira…she is not that far behind. Wish I could have another dog…I would choose her!

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