Meet the Mini-Muffins

The Mini-Muffins will be two weeks old tomorrow, Saturday, April 18th…and with age emerge personalities.  Each one is precious in his or her own way.  Here they are, in birth order, to brighten your day:

Bunny Collage April 16Meet Miss Bunny! Bunny is one sassy lassie…and is quite vocal.  She is the only fawn in the litter, and already thinks she is something special.  Bunny weighed in today at a whopping 2 lbs. 14.3 oz.  Her favorite activities are snuggling with her mother, and hanging out at the Milk Bar, where she prefers to lay on her back.

Flash 1 CollageThis dapper young man is Flash the Cash…Cash…the first of the Flash Brothers to make our acquaintance.  Flash is a talker already, who makes his opinion known readily and often.  He tops out at 3 lbs. 1.2 oz. and throws his weight around at the Milk Bar…along with his flashy brother.

Chunker CollageMy man Chunker gained his name at birth.  He greeted the world 1 lb. 1.6 oz.  Although the other boys have more than caught up, Chunker is 3 lbs. 1.3 oz.  A gentle giant, Mr. Chunk-Man is a lover and snuggler, and likes nothing better than to cuddle in your arms…unless it’s bellying up to the Milk Bar for a midnight snack.

Jack CollageJumpin’ Jack Flash is the other half of the Dynamic Flash Brother Duo.  He’s the biggest brother of the pack at 3 lbs. 5.3 oz.  When he is not exploring the whelping box, Jack loves to hang out with Cash.

Kia CollageMeet Princess Kia! Our dark brindle beauty has suffered no ill effects from being stuck in the birth canal.  She ended up saying hello to the world in the back seat of my husband’s Kia as we pulled into the vet’s office. Although she looks petite in these pictures, Kia is a little piggy, and is the first of the girls to reach the 3 lb. mark…quite a feat for 2 weeks old.  She tops the scales at 3 lbs. 0.8 oz.  and actually walked three steps this morning.  She is quite the fighter, and causes her share of scuffles at the Milk Bar, where she has been known to hold her own against the Flash Brothers.

Mira CollageAnd finally, our Miracle Baby! Twelve hours after Bunny introduced herself, Mira arrived via C-section.   Unable to stay latched on, I stayed up the first night to make certain Mira received special privileges at the Milk Bar.  Following nights, I would set my alarm to wake up and make certain she nursed every two hours.  I also worked to make sure the other mini-muffins accepted her.  I am so happy to say, today Mira weighs 2 lbs. 9.0 oz.

And there you have it…a half-dozen mini-Muffins!

I will be back with The Paper Players on Sunday…and I will also be taking part in the Stamp Review Crew Blog Hop Sunday evening.  Until next time…


  1. Cute beyond words!! They are off the chart!! Thanks for the update!!

  2. What a sweet group. It’s so fun to see their personalities emerging. Won’t be long before they are tussling like crazy with each other.

  3. I’ve just caught up on the puppy news! They are all adorable! But, what an ordeal it must have been for you and Muffy. Thank goodness it sounds like you have a wonderful vet who was there when needed. Sounds like everyone is doing well and continues to thrive. Have fun – they grow so fast and change so much every day. I know I would have a hard time pulling myself away from them to do other things.

  4. Hi Ann, Thank you so much for sharing the photos of the puppies. They are all so adorable. I loved reading about the different personalities. What fun they must be. 🙂


  5. Ann, thank you for sharing the journey of Muffy and the mini muffins. Each day I look on Facebook and your blog for the latest updates. I have been cheering for Miracle Mira and thrilled how she has rallied with your loving guidance. It proves love is the best medicine. So special.

  6. OMG !!! Your killing me .. My boxer love is over flowing .. Tfs.. I love them all Ann…

  7. Thanks for sharing. We had boxers for 40 years. None now, so I am enjoying the mini muffins. They are all so sweet.

  8. Such a sweet post. Such adorable faces. Thanks Ann for continuing to keep us posted on their progress. Exciting times around your home. Hugs to all!

  9. Oh my goodness! They are so adorable! I’m so glad to get the update and pictures. Sweet!

  10. There is nothing more adorable than puppies and babies! Thanks so much for sharing. Muffy has quite the beautiful batch of mini-muffins!

  11. I love them all.What a great family sweet Muffy has. I am so happy that the outcome was so good. {{Hugs}} and Pats

  12. Oh Ann! They are beautiful! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to more!

  13. Oh Ann, they’re absolutely adorable! I just love little Mira, she is so cute!
    Big hugs to mama Muffy, handsome Brody and pretty Lexi!

  14. Lynn Gauthier - Michigan

    Awwwwwww…So Stinkin’ cute; each and every one! They have gotten so BIG already; even Mira. Just adorable!
    I’m so glad all is well for all of you!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  15. ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Were we in the market for another animal (which we are NOT), I would consider the last baby! How exciting to have these little babies in your lives…even just for what may seem like a moment! Congratulations again to Muffy on her litter…..looking forward to more pictures and updates! Thank you!

  16. Oh, Ann, how very precious! Wonderful to hear about them. You are special to share them all with us. What sweet personalities, so very young. Sure wish I could help with them. Thanks, dear!

  17. Puppy love! They are all so sweet!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing the mini muffins. They are so incredibly precious, and gorgeous, I can’t even pick a favorite. You’re a good grandma…I’m glad the wee one is doing well. They look like little Boxers already and adorables ones at that.

  19. They are all such beauties. I know their Mom is great but she is so blessed to have you to watch after all. I’m sure these are going to be able to show as well as your others. Thanks for sharing them–they are precious.

  20. Thank you very much for the slides on all these little Mini-Muffins. We have really enjoyed the one on one story right from the start on their lives. Muffy gave a wonderful little Mini Muffins. Glad everything so far is working out in everyone as life continues for everyone. I guess Brody and Lexi will be a caregiver as well in the safe of these new additions. Ann you are so wonderful and we do appreciate all the time you have given us to enjoy being involved with everything. You are one loving Momma – laughing. Love and prayers sent to all. Have a super weekend!

  21. They are simply adorable and just like their mom. Thanks for the update…love them

  22. The mini muffins are all adorable. So glad to hear they are all doing fine.

  23. Chris R. from Iowa

    How cute they all are! All so unique in markings and sure their personalities! Thanks for the intro! I love their little toes and fingers. Precious!

  24. How lucky you are to be able to snuggle with these cuties. I would think the snuggles are pay-off for the hard work you put in with these pups. Thanks so much for taking the time to send this post.

  25. They are so darn cute. I’m sure mom is proud of her gang!!!

  26. They are the cutest, sweetest, most adorable mini muffins! They are all darling, but Cash stole my heart. Puppy kisses for all and a special kiss for Miss Muffy. I look forward to a three-week update.

  27. omg . . . be still my heart! Good thing I’m not close enough to come see them . . . I would definitely wear out my welcome!!! Thank you for all your sharing . . . will be so much fun to watch them grow!

  28. Ann, those mini muffins as so beautiful!! If they were mine I don’t think I could part with any of them.

  29. So adorable!

  30. Just adorable! Wish I were closer.

  31. Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe them!!! You are the best Ann!!!!

  32. Precious and perfect in every way.

  33. I love them all. How precious. I am sure it is hard to see them leave, but also good, as they will be starting out on their own journey!

  34. Adorable! And so fun that they are developing their own personalities. I’d have a hard time picking one.

  35. What a chuckle reading about the adorable mini muffins. The tiny lassie is my favorite for some unknown reason. she is a beauty. I hate to be in your shoes when you have to part with them.

  36. Which one of the cuties have you picked as the champion.

  37. Well, that is quite a cute brood! Thanks for the updates! Hope you’re getting more rest now…it’s been quite an ordeal to say the least! Good luck!!!
    Diane Gil

  38. Swoon!!! They are absolutely adorable! I look forward to watching them grow.

  39. Hi Ann
    If you get a chance to watch “Too Cute” as the lady above mentioned you would love it. I love these little mini muffins I too wish I could hold them. I sure like that you are sending out photos of their progress that is what our breeder did for our Urban. You sure are a good mama too.

    Diana from WI

  40. OMG I can’t pick a favorite they are all so beautiful. You have all the best reasons to be proud of Muffin’s pack! A busy Mom she is, it sounds like she has been doing fairly well with motherhood given the circumstances of how they all came to see the world, some slower, but overall she has been a champion! Thank you for the one by one introduction this was such a fun read Ann. Keep us posted. Love love love the updates….

  41. What a great family. One is cuter than the other but they are all beautiful. Looking forward to watching them grow.

  42. Such a joy to meet the babies one by one. I have loved keeping up with your latest news and pics about them. Just glad all are doing well and Mom is fine also.

  43. Oh Ann, what a delightful bunch of adorable, amazingly beautiful puppies, I wish I could just hold each one for one minute, but then, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to let go. This is such a labor of love for you and your hubby and, of course, Muffy, the proud mom, I love the fact that all of the puppies finally opened their eyes and are gaining weight, soon, they will be running around, exploring their surroundings. Have you ever seen that show called “To Cute” on Animal Planet?, well, this little babies would be perfect for it, they are just TO DARN CUTE!!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pictures of this half a dozen wonders, you are so sweet, I’m saving all of this posts.

  44. Mary Alice Bellis

    Oh, they are adorable. I remember how much fun it was to watch each puppy grow, and gain a personality. We had a toy golden Manchester, and when she gave birth to her first litter, my mom could hold all four puppies in the palm of her hand at the same time. They were the size of mice. By the end of the first week you could hardly hold one in your hand they had grown so much. I wish all kids could have a littler of pups or kittens to watch grow up.

  45. individual personalities but all equally squeezable …LOVE LOVE LOVE their names!!!

  46. I’M IN LOVE!!

  47. be still my heart…puppy love : )

  48. What a beautiful bunch of Boxer puppies. They are getting so big already, I would to just hold them and smell that puppy smell.
    They all have their own looks except the Flash Brothers, they do look like brothers!
    This is a happy post full of healthy growing puppies and I am sure Muffy is loving her real family instead of a toy family. Hugs and kisses to all of them plus we cannot forget Lexi and Brody they need some hugs and kisses too and it is time for you to treat yourself to a Latte!

  49. All such beautiful babies! Muffy is surely one proud mama!

  50. Love this blog re the mini muffins

  51. They are just adorable!! Love all the names!

  52. You certainly brought a smile to my face today. Each one is unique. Would love to give them a hug. Thanks for keeping us updated on their story. Have a great weekend.

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