Last Day for Free Shipping…and Puppy Pictures

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Butterfly Thinlits Update

Stampin’ Up! sincerely hoped the Butterflies Thinlits Dies would arrive in time for Sale-A-Bration, but that didn’t happen.  They hoped they would be here in time for our Free Shipping promotion.  But that didn’t happen either.

However, there is GOOD news!  The Butterflies Thinlits will arrive in Stampin’ Up!’s  warehouse beginning the week of April 13…and they estimate you can begin ordering by April 15.

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Puppy Pictures of the Day

Happy Sibling Day from the Mini-Muffins!

Box of Puppies April 9I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful comments and well-wishes you have left. I wish I had time to thank each one of you personally.  I am still sleeping by the box to make sure little Mira, our miracle girl, is latching on and nursing.  She is the smallest of the litter, at 26.2 ounces, but she has certainly done a fabulous job of gaining…and has almost doubled her birth rate.

IMG_0967The Flash Brothers continue to be inseparable…

IMG_0955while little Bunny charms us all.

IMG_0962Muffy left her box last night to spend a little cuddle time with me.  My husband was able to snap this picture before he left for work this morning.  We are both exhausted, but it is getting better.

IMG_0948Many of you have asked about Brody and Lexi.  They have experienced the sights and the sounds, and are absolutely fine with the fact there are 6 little members of the Schach Pack residing in the corner of the living room.  Of course, they are separated from them.  However, Muffy does leave the “pupartment” a little now…and even went for a walk yesterday.  After this weekend, things will start to improve.

Once again, thank you for your patience with me.  To my customers, I am so sorry to be out of contact for so long.  But I am going to be working on emails and orders this afternoon.  A longtime breeder told a friend of mine she had experienced all of these things:  a puppy stuck in the canal, a C-section, and preeclampsia…but never in the same litter.  I guess Muff wanted to make sure I got full treatment!

Until next time…


  1. They are adorable. I’ll take one in every color

  2. So glad everything is working out for all. Muffy and Puppys look amazing. Glad to see you both getting some sleep.

  3. Glad to get the pictures of the puppies! Hope Muffy is recovering well… you’ve both through quite an ordeal. Get some rest & enjoy playing with the babies!

  4. the little puppy muffins are Adorable

  5. You are such a good momma Ann! These pictures/updates on all your furbabies are the highlight on my blogs!

  6. thanks, Ann, they are beautiful, handsome and precious! Pleased Mira is improving!
    Hope you and Kim get some rest now. You have done wonderful for Muffy and babies! Loved the photo of Muffy with you!

  7. Hi Anne
    OMG I love the little pups they are so so cute. Not long ago I was having my hands full with one puppy as you know, but now you have a litter to worry about, you go girl and I pray that all of them makes it without a problem. I wish I could send you some ZZZZZZZZZZZ’s in a card, I really do. Good luck!

  8. LOVE the pictures . .. just want to love on all those sweet babies!!! Prayers for continued growth and health . . .and rest for all!

  9. Ann, let me add to all the well wishes that everyone has already sent your way. The fur babies are just too cute and so happy that all are doing so well. They will be so much fun when they are really up and exploring everything. Can not wait to see videos of the “six” up and about. 🙂

  10. Blessings to you and your family and your furry family! Thanks for the updates!

  11. Glad all is good! Rest up Muffy and yourself! The Mini muffins are adorable…glad the home stretch is in sight for you. Take care and Blessings to all of you!

  12. How great it is to see Muffy and the pups doing well. The pictures are wonderful. I imagine you are just about as sleep deprived as a new mother. Take care of yourself, as well. Thanks for the update.

  13. Chris R. from Iowa

    They are so cute! Love their coloring and markings. I wonder how many champs you have there? Love the names you are coming up with! Sounds like Muffy is doing great and even taking a walk! Love the cuddle photo! Get some much needed rest!

  14. So sweet! Thanks for sharing. I am hoping things get easier each day.

  15. Hi Ann, I’m so happy to know that things are improving! Muffy and the little muffins look absolutely adorable! Thanks for the update!

  16. The puppies and mother Muffy are absolutely beautiful! I’m so sorry you and Muffy had such a tough time delivering. They were well worth the wait! Best wishes, Nancy B

  17. I have enjoyed seeing the pictures of Muffy and her puppies. I have a Boston Terrior so two puppies remind me of Molly. She is now 13 yet has energy to play. Love them.

  18. I had to laugh at your last comment of Muffy wanting you to get the full treatment! The furbabies are soooooooooooooooo cute. I just want to smell their puppy breath. I sure wish I lived close enough to help. Thanks for sharing these cuties with us.

  19. Big congratulations to Muffy and her human Mommy and Daddy…those are the most adorable fur babies!!! Each and all are so beautiful…..cannot wait to see the moving and playing around. Glad to hear that their aunt and uncle are helping them to be welcomed into the fold! Will be fun to see them all romping and playing….love that Muffy decided to cuddle with you, a bond that will never be broken…..!

  20. Sooo happy to hear puppies and moms are doing well. The very first thing I did was to count the puppies in your first picture. I guess I have been concerned about losing Mira or one of the puppies more than I realized. How wonderful and scary and exhausting it must be for you all!!! The puppies are beautiful. I am glad to hear that Muffy is feeling well enough for a walk and cuddle time with her momma. Glad to hear the other two dogs are doing okay as well. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us online. As much as I love your cards, I love hearing about your boxers, too.

  21. Love the photos Ann. So happy the pups are doing so well. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Those puppies are sooooo sweet! Lucky you to cuddle them.

  23. How adorable? So glad everything is getting better for them and you. You are going to get so attached it will be hard to let them go to someone else, just saying….

  24. Diana in Wisconsin

    What a wonderful six pack Ann. I wish I could come visit and see them in person but we live too far away. Glad all is well with pups and mommy and you too mom of all.
    Thank you much for sharing the babies with us and the photo of you and Muffy.

  25. Lynn Gauthier - Michigan

    Awwwwww…what a bunch of cutie patootie mini muffins!!! How did you manage to get them all lined up in a row; all sleeping at the same to snap a pic!!! Adorable…I am so glad you are all doing so much better!!! Thanks for sharing these precious pic’s with all of us!
    Blessings to all of you!

  26. Thank you for sharing your photos. They are so sweet!!

  27. Those two little brothers hugging each other is just so cute! When my daughter picked out her puppy from a new litter they were all lined up like that sleeping together too.

    Too bad the butterfly dies won’t be available in time for the free shipping.

  28. Thanks for the pictures, they are just darling. Was daddy a brindle? Hugs to Muffy!

  29. Oh my gosh Ann, this little puppies are just adorable. I’m so happy little Mira is gaining weight, she looks so much plumper that on that first picture, but she is a fighter and soon she will be catching up with her siblings.
    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us Ann, give Muffy hugs and kisses from me, she did a beautiful job with this little ones.

  30. Absolutely LOVE the picture of you and Muffy cuddling together! Precious. Don’t worry about orders, blogs or sales…just get some rest! You need and deserve it!

  31. OMG they are so cute. Just want to hug them all.

  32. Take your time, Ann. Right now, you have a higher calling! I love all your pictures.

  33. ALL so cute …LOVE the ‘flash’ brothers!!! mia, kia, bunny …what cuties 😉

  34. Oh my golly they are so cute! And the colors and how fat they are getting. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. Love seeing then and watching then grow.

  35. Beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing the photos. You and Muffy sure are tired new moms.

  36. I am sooo happy to hear all is going well!!! Now go take a nap!! LOL

  37. Thank you for sharing all your puppy news – it’s so fun. I hope you and Muffy get your much needed rest soon.

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