Happy Birthday, Twins! Muffy and Brody

Happy birthday twinsIt always amazes me how quickly time flies.  It’s seems like just yesterday, my family was welcoming not one, but two little bundles of joy into the house.  After the death of Missy the Boxer, we had decided our house was just too quiet without the pitter-patter of puppy paws, so the search began for another Boxer to share our love.

I will never forget when Muffy was delivered to our house.  Once her breeder sat her down, she ran straight to me, and never looked back.  That is the way it is today.  She never leaves my side.  She shared my bed and my pillow from her first night here – and she still does.

Brody arrived the very next day.  He was the last of the litter to find a home, and their breeder, seeing how Muffy immediately bonded with me, offered to sell him at a reduced price.  Soft-hearted me could not bear the thought of the two being separated, so like I fool I agreed to buying him.  I will never forget my husband’s horrified response when I told him at supper that evening that another puppy would be arriving the next day.  “What were you thinking?” he asked.  Well, clearly I wasn’t.  But what a great name!  And Cimarron’s What Were You Thinking came to his forever home the next day.

Happy birthday twins

Yes, time does have a way of flying over us, leaving within our hearts memories of days which have past, and leaving us with a yearning for more.  We’ll spend the day letting the Twins do all of those things they love.  There will be baths, and they will tussle over who gets in the tub first.  There will be a walk around the block, and while Brody will be a goofball, Muffy will be all business.   There will be a trip to the pet store to pick out a special toy and a treat.  And all the while, I will be wondering if this will be the last time the Twins will celebrate their birthday together.

We have switched Brody to a raw diet, and I have added herbal supplements to his regimen. He is tolerating his medicines well, and other than having blood in his urine, is feeling fine.  He plays.  He eats.  He drinks. He snuggles. He is my clock, letting me know when it’s time to get up and when it is time to feed the pack.  In fact, he is doing so much better than me.

But for now, we will celebrate.  Happy birthday, Twins! August 9, 2010. 8 – 9 -10.  Until next time…



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  2. Oh my gosh Ann, I remember when Muffy and Brody arrived, and here we are several years later. It’s been wonderful watching these two grow up, compete and be your dearly beloved friends throughout. Thank you for sharing this touching part of your life.

    Stef xx

  3. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Woof Woof! Just love hearing about and seeing your dear precious special friends. It has been so much fun to watch them over the years. Thank you, dear, for sharing.

  4. happy belated birthday Molly and Brody!! Thanks for sharing the video. It was too sweet!! That is something else we have in common is our love for our 4 pawed kids!! However, mine are/were much smaller!

  5. Happy Birthday Babies! As you are our babies no matter your age!

  6. Chris R. from Iowa

    Happy birthday! It doesn’t seem possible but time flies when we are having fun. I agree with RaeDeen it has been a long time since we have had tails, err, I mean tales from the twins on the ‘puter! Wishing you two many more!

  7. Ann thanks for sharing. I can’t have a dog now as I work and I feel it’s so unfair with all the road trips I make for work, so it’s nice to live the life with a pet through friends like you.
    Happy Birthday to the twins… Hugs.

  8. You sure love your dogs, I can see it in the pictures. One can’t resist the love of a pet eh?

  9. I always enjoy reading your posts about the twins. It was fun reading about how they were going to spend their day. They share their birthday with our youngest granddaughter.

  10. Can’t believe time has gone by so quickly. Thanks for sharing the slide show. They are beautiful boxers.

  11. Happy Birthday Boxer babies .. Oh Ann they are just brilliant X hugs my friend ., My Boxer love is growing leaps and bounds..

  12. Thanks for sharing your fur babies with us. Happy birthday to Muffy and Brody

  13. Happy Birthday Muffy and Brody!

  14. Oh, Ann! I could just cry! The twins are so special, and so is your lover for them.

  15. Awwwwwww, how BEAUITFUL they are ,
    Hugs Frenchie ♥️

  16. Have a super day together, Ann, with lots of treats and surprises!

  17. Happy 7th Birthday, Muffy and Brody!

    Thanks for the life of the twins video. I have always liked the picture of the two of them looking out the window.

    Harry sends his wishes too.

  18. Happy Birthday, Twins! It’s been a long time since Mom has let you play on the computer….sure miss hearing from you two. 🙂 Have a great day!

  19. Thank you so much, Ann, for sharing your wonderful dogs with us. A great big Happy Birthday to them…keep posting those marvelous pictures!

  20. They are 7 years old already? I can’t believe how time flies. I still remember the day you posted about losing Missy. I was at my desk at work boohoo crying. I texted my sister (who has Boxers) and had her crying right along with me. I was thrilled when you got The twins and I too thought “what is she thinking”, lol. But look at the joy they have brought you. You and Brody are in my thoughts daily. I pray for time and peace for you both when it’s his time to go meet up with Missy.

    Happy Birthday sweet Boxer Butts!

  21. Love the stories you share with us. Kris

  22. Sending “Happy Birthday” Wishes to your sweet fur babies. I know the feeling of how our babies take the place of other things that is not as important. We have one that is almost 15 y.o. and is spoiled rotten. Enjoy every minute you have them.

  23. Happy, Happy Birthday to the Twins! It’s really amazing to experience the warmth of the bond that develops with our adorable pets. Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. Happy Birthday to the twins!!

  25. “Happy Birthday”, Twins! It was fun to see the cute pictures of “two of your loves of your life”! Just think of what happiness they have both bought to you and your family! Thanks for sharing!
    Diane Gil

  26. Happy Burthday Pat’s to the adorable twins……and a special hug and pat to dear Brody! We made a commitment after having to put down our cat several years ago, to not have any more pets….hard but so far we have stuck to our guns, so to speak! I want a kitten or two and my guys would be happy with a puppy…but……

    Love your fur baby stories, pictures and sharing their apvarious awards! Happiness is a special friend/family member to share your lives with!

    Have a great week, Ann……

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