Weekly Deals, Puppy Pictures and Journey to Joy

Be still my heart! This week’s Weekly Deals includes Pearls. Need I say more?

Weekly Deals
September 8 – 14, 2015

Sale: $16.50

Price: $22.00

Sale: $3.75

Price: $5.00

Sale: $3.75

Price: $5.00

Sale: $17.25

Price: $23.00

Sale: $5.25

Price: $7.00

Sale: $3.75

Price: $5.00

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I’m a Big Dog Now

Jack and Kia are well on their way to achieving their big dog looks.  I snapped these pictures on this gloomy morning to show off their “Big Dog” ears.  And yes…they do grow into them, so they won’t look nearly as big in a few months.

IMG_3869-001Jack was feeling a little smug this morning, as he was blocking my path to the dishwasher.

IMG_3870-002Kia, on the other hand, was guarding the refrigerator for me! She knows I have started a diet. They are both fabulous helpers!   Kia is such a dark color, it is so hard to get a good picture of her to show off her pretty features.  I’ll have to snap a few in the sun some afternoon.

The Journey to Joy

I want to thank all of you for your overwhelming support these past few days.  Rest assured, I am still a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and have no plans to step down.  I love my customers…many who have become very close friends. Plus, I am not giving up blogging completely.  I am just on a journey to find my joy again, free from deadlines and constraints! Stamping on my own schedule…blogging on my own schedule….and spending time with family and friends. Until next time…

Coming soon…my Founder’s Circle Swap Card


  1. I am very happy for you, Ann! What a courageous decision you made for your family, friends, and fur babies. Seems as if we are all constantly trying to find a balance in life. I hope you had a truly wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the pampering at Founders Circle! Looking forward to your next post, whether it is updates and pictures of your fur babies or one of your masterpieces! {{Hugs}}

  2. Thank you for brightening my day with photos of your BEAUTIFUL boxers! ENJOY every day!

  3. I’m sad & glad at the same time. It’s good that you are taking time for youself, your family & friends. Go do some of those things that you have put on the back burner & enjoy yourself!! I signed up for your website so that I can still see all the pretty cards & projects that you make. Plus the puppy pictures!! Have FUN!!

  4. Love your blog but it shouldn’t interrupt your life. I will continue to enjoy your posting no matter how infrequent. Find what makes you happy.

  5. Ann, you are doing the right thing for YOU! That is important so you can find your joy again. Love the big dog ears. I’ll be tthey were happy to get those wrappings off.

  6. Hello Ann: I’m so happy for you taking a bit of a step back from deadlines and stuff that was keeping you a little frazzled and away from family and friends, including your 4 legged ones.
    I’m happy too that you will still share your amazing artistry and creativity with us, I always look forward to seeing your gorgeous cards.
    Stay the course in this Journey to find your Joy again.
    Your puppies look so beautiful, I’m amazed how much they’ve grown since we saw them for the first time.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  7. I totally support your decision to free up time for your family, etc. But I am thankful you’ll still be a demonstrator…….an order from me will be coming soon!

  8. Ann, I am so very happy for you and youe decisions. I have often wondered “how you do it all” and still have fun. Hope you and Kim have some great times. Happy for you, dear! Love the photos, my they have sure grown. Handsome & beautiful! As you know I so enjoy seeing them, as so many others. HUGS to you dear!

  9. Your pups are so beautiful! Those eyes…wow! Did Mr. Chunkers ever find his forever home?
    Can’t wait to see your swap card, have lots of fun Ann!
    Oh yes, I thought of you first thing when I saw that pearls were on this week’s specials. ; )

  10. Glad you announced you’re not leaving “Stamping Up” as it seemed people thought you were! Have a great time at Founder’s Circle!
    It’s amazing how fast those puppies have grown!!! Enjoy them!
    Diane Gil

  11. Glad to know you won’t be completely gone. The pups look so good.

  12. I am so happy to see pictures of the puppies any time. But love to get updates on the other dogs as well. I think you are making a wise choice. As we get older we have to do things that are right for us. And taking it slower in the stamping world is smart because friends, family and puppies are what life is all about.

  13. Ann, So glad to hear you are going to “find your joy again”. Life is short and we never know what tomorrow might bring, not always what we want. Thanks for your inspiration in your cards and look forward to more. Those puppies are sooooo cute! Best Wishes.

  14. Kia and Jack are so darling I can hardly stand it! As for finding your joy again, good for you. It takes a brave person to realize where to find happiness and to pursue and embrace it. We all just get too busy and too wrapped up in what others want, expect, and think. When in truth the really important things in life are faith, family, fur babies, friends, peace, and joy. When we have these, everyday, we have everything we need. God bless you, Ann. I look forward to your next blog whenever you choose to do so.

  15. The pics of the pups are fabulous…..they certainly have their own personalities! I just want to share that I too have lost my joy….also remaining a demonstrator but just have no big desire to craft right now….hoping that the mojo will soon return, my investment in the new Holiday catalog is too great, so far! So glad that you are not stopping your blogging and creating….will be anxious to see your next blog. Have fun re-acquainting yourself with an unhurried pace and being with your family and close friendship!

  16. Congrats on achieving Founder’s Circle. Thanks for sharing puppy pictures. They wee ones are darling.

  17. Glad to see that you are going to Founders Circle, hopefully that should be a relaxing time spent with your friends. Can’t wait to see what your swap card looks like. Your babies look so good with their ears unwrapped. Itzy my brothers boxer that we took when he past away had one ear up and one down. He looks so cute that way. My brother took a picture of his five boxers on the sofa and you could tell right away which one was Itzy. Take care and I’ll be looking for you swap card.

  18. Love those dog pictures! They are really special dogs.

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