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Puppers 9 (1 of 1)One of my favorite quotes is “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog”.  And so it is in the Schach household.  Our Boxers are a part of my very being.   I feel their thrill when the neighborhood squirrels invade their kingdom.  I experience their excitement when the schoolchildren walk past their window.  I feel their joy upon seeing a loved family member.  And likewise, I feel their pain.

Boxers have their share of breed specific health problems…and cancer is one of them.  “Boxer Bumps” are what we call them.  Luckily for us, Muffy and Lexi have not had any problems, but Brody has.  In his short five years, he has had a benign juvenile fatty tumor removed from his leg and a mast cell tumor removed from his side.  Luckily, it was was a Grade 1.  Needless to say, I am very vigilant in checking him, and the girls, regularly.

Almost three weeks ago I found a small spot on his side.  At first, I thought it was a deer tick, but it wasn’t.  It looked like a small blood blister.  I called the vet, and made an appointment for that very afternoon to have her look at it.  You can imagine my despair when, upon inspection, she thought it was a hemangiosarcoma.  Arrangements were made to have it removed the next morning.  The incision was wide and deep in the hope of removing it completely.  It was sent off to be biopsied, and the waiting game began.

BrodyOne week passed…with no results.  The days of the second week moved by slowly…as time often does when waiting for news.  Of course, we all know it is the waiting and the not knowing which is so stressful.  This morning, we went to have stitches removed.  And in dramatic fashion,  the biopsy results were faxed as we were waiting.  Dr. Ruth (no, not THAT Dr. Ruth) was the first to see them.  My husband and I heard her say from the back room, “I can’t find the determination.  Ann (Dr. Remmers), you removed the mass on Brody, didn’t you?”  At that point, both Dr. Ann and Dr. Rita rushed past our open door.  All three returned…all three gestured thumbs up!

Dr. Remmers spoke first.  It was NOT a hemangiosarcoma.  It was NOT malignant.  It was benign, and the margins were completely clear.  It was just an innocuous little skin tumor.  With two quick snips, the sutures were removed.  By the power of puppy saliva, (Kia was an excellent little nurse), the incision was healing nicely, and the hair was already growing back.

IMG_2923Kia was thrilled when Uncle Brody returned home.

IMG_2930“What did the ‘dockers’ have to say, Uncle Brody? Was it good news?”

IMG_2926“Yes it was, little Kia!”

And so life goes on for our gentle giant.  He, and I, thank all of you for the prayers…

IMG_2921Jack’s and Kia’s Totally Awesome Dog Show Day

Yesterday,  I took Jack and Kia to the Cedar Valley Boxer Club Specialty in Amana, Iowa.  It was their first trip to a dog show, and they just went to socialize.  I will have to admit, they didn’t meet a person or a dog they didn’t like.  Jack was especially drawn to the little Fox Terrier girls in the ex-pen next to us.  Their owner actually carried one over to him so he could meet her up close.   Little Kia, on the other hand, was mesmerized by the English Setters behind us.  After cheering on their future handler, Amy, to a Winners Dog victory, and a select rosette in the Best of Breed ring, they were able to get one-on-one attention from her, while I snapped a few pictures.  This was their first true training session, and the Puppy Twins are works in progress.  But after a few tries…some not so good…

IMG_2841 Kia ended up with a pose which was somewhat passable.  Obviously, with work, it will get better.

IMG_2856But she has to learn not to kiss her handler!

IMG_2865Jack is definitely a rock star. He takes to stacking naturally.  Here is his first try:

IMG_2893We have to work on holding the tail straight up instead of straight out.

IMG_2900But that, too, will come with practice.  And let it not be said, he is not a charmer.  Just look at his expressions…

IMG_2904IMG_2908IMG_2917Couldn’t you just grab that face in both hands and give him a great big smooch?  The Baby Twins begin their show career in October, once they turn 6 months old. Of course, you will be with them every step around the ring…I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Thank you for indulging me with today’s “Purely Puppy Post”.  So many of you have emailed me asking about Brody, plus you have been wanting to see Jack and Kia pictures.   I’ll be back on Sunday with another card for The Paper Players.  Let me leave you with another one of my favorite dog quotes:  “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, the love of a dog makes you a millionaire.”  Isn’t that the truth.   Until next time…

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  1. Great News about Brody!!! Very excited for you. The little guy/gal are doing great as well. Many Happy Adventures ahead for all of you!!! I for one love the news about the pups – almost as much as I love your beautiful cards!!

  2. Wow – My heart was pounding as I read your post. So thankful for the good news!! My sweet grandpuppy is a boxer. He is such a great dog and very obedient. He thinks he is a lap puppy and likes to sit with me in the recliner. haha

  3. I don’t know what I love most…your SU posts or the boxer updates. I am so glad to hear he is going to be OK!!!

  4. Soooo happy to hear that all the news is Good News! hugs .

  5. So happy to read the good news. Just love that Brody. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on your furry kids.

  6. I always love reading your Boxer stories. The newest members at your home are so beautiful/handsome! That pose of Jack’s is awesome…..looks like a natural in the making. I’m glad that Brody is OK!

  7. Some of the stories you put on your blog concerning the dogs brings a person to tears but they are tears of joy to read about how much you pour your love into these animals. Your quote I will use on my sympathy cards pertaining to dogs or cats, etc. Thanks for sharing these delightful stories.

  8. Ann – Fantastic News!! I’m thrilled for Brody and your whole family. What relief. We love puppy updates (of all ages), and it was such a sigh of relief to hear the good news. Love all the pictures and the tale of the fun show. Hugs, Lisa

  9. Happy dance Ann!!!! I’m so happy for Brody! Such a relief for your family and complete gratefulness.

    The twins are going to do wonderful in October! Mr.Jack has the most soulful eyes! I can’t wait to hear about their new adventure.

  10. I’m so happy handsome Brody is healthy!

  11. Hi Ann! So glad to see this fabulous “dog news” post. Love hearing the great news about Brody (he is such a handsome fella) and new pics of the puppies. They are growing up fast and are certainly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  12. So glad Brody had a clean bill of health. Loved all the boxer news!

  13. Chris R. from Iowa

    Great news! I was holding my breath, I realized, as I kept reading about Brody. Now I can breathe easier!

    The twins are well on their way! All the fur babies are beautiful and special!

  14. LOVE your puppy posts and every single picture. So glad for your good news on the biopsy.

  15. Yeah! So happy you got good news!

  16. Praise God that the tumor was benign and that it is healing well. We worry about our fur babies no matter their age. Looks like the twins are on the road of success. Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures. Please continue to share.

  17. Great news! Loved the pictures.

  18. I’ve been waiting and wondering about Brody…so happy to hear the good news! Thanks for letting us know how he’s doing.

  19. So happy. I’d write more but the tears may short out the keyboard so have to go away for now.

  20. Great news !! And that Jack has my heart !! Oh my boxer love… That face is beautiful ..

  21. Thank you sooo much for the update! Prayers answered!! I’m thrilled . …and the “babies” are adorable! Sloppy kisses to all!!

  22. They are absolutely adorable! YEAH for good news too for Brody too!

  23. Happy, happy day! I bet you were doing your happy dance! So wonderful to hear such good news. Your boxers are all so beautiful. Makes me wish my babies still here but I can enjoy yours through your sharing them with all of your blog followers. Dogs are SO Wonderful! I bet your house never has a dull moment!

  24. I’ve been thinking about Brody…so happy to read the good news. Those twins…what can I say..Adorable!

  25. The best news ever! Our puppy is in training for obedience. She is two handfuls! We are not sure what her parentage is, maybe some kind of terrier, retriever, and Shar pei. Oh boy…18 months old, 35+ pounds, on the small-medium side, cute, and we do love her. Best of everything with Brody and Kia! Nancy B

  26. So happy to read your great news about Brody!!

  27. Ann, as I was reading, I thought, oh this isn’t going to be good, But oh I am so glad it is. Jack and Kia look like winners. Jack does have a kissable face. I am so happy for you and am looking forward to many more stories and pictures.

  28. Patricia Huber (SU)

    Oh, Ann. That was the best news ever about Brody! The twins are so cute. I know my Jimlette will not be here forever so I am bracing myself. He had his 12th birthday this week. We do love our dogs! Take care.

  29. So happy there is good news for Brody!!!! Two of my dearest friends have recently lost their furbabies to cancer of the spleen 🙁 Jack and Kia are adorable and have such beautiful eyes. I enjoy hearing news about them!

  30. So happy for you that the news came back in Brody’s favor. What a relief it must be for all of you.

  31. Now that is what I say beautiful pictures. Thank you for the follow up on Brody. How can you not help but give kisses – laughing. Thank you for giving us an update on the families.

  32. Awwwww, MsAnn, such great news , thanks you God, but he’s such a handsome guy !! Love the white on him !! Your baby’s are so special!!! Tfs , hugs to all of them !!! Made me laugh when I saw his relax tail , lol !! He will get it !!! Thanks again MsAnn, for sharing !
    Hugs Frenchie

  33. Praise God! My heart is happy for you all, Ann! And I will always look forward to purely puppy posts from you — cards too, of course — they are the best. Love and hugs to you all!

  34. Fantastic! Love, live, and laugh with your precious canine family.

  35. So happy for Brody that he is cancer free What a relief

    Jack sure is his Mother’s pup. He is a natural like Muffy Such a looker he is.

  36. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thanks for the visuals and updates too!

  37. Glad it was good news for Brody. My boxer has had several masses removed and went through chemo. She is 12 now and doing great. Hugs!!

  38. Almost cried when I read the great news! Your twins are so beautiful!

  39. So thankful you got good news on Brody. Pets are such a blessing, almost as great as grandkids. I (we) have three precious, spoiled four legged, lovable dogs so I know what you are saying.
    Karen E.

  40. Good news! I’m glad I checked my email. Beautiful dogs, too. I can see how much they are loved.

  41. What a blessing for you to receive the good news! I’m SO happy for you, Ann! I know we try to prepare ourselves for the worse in case we have to accept it, even though we pray the news will be good. I’m relieved to hear you did not have to accept any bad news! Enjoy your dogs – be happy! Thanks for sharing your story. I will look forward to hearing the future “dog news” as well as so many others. Look forward to your cards too!
    Diane Gil

  42. Okay, you had me in tears with this post. SO very glad they got to be happy tears. Such great news about Brody, and such sweet “puppiness” going on here, too. You are definitely a millionaire!

  43. Ann, I’m so glad that the news about Brody was good. I don’t comment often but I do follow your blog and was waiting anxiously. I have 2 dogs myself. I know what it is like to wait for results.
    Your dogs are all beautiful!!

  44. So glad the Big Boy is OK for now! Ann, I love hearing about your dogs. I’m a doxie lover; we’ve had three over the years and right now I have Oliver. I’m his 4th mother and he is here to stay! What a character and yes they are able to express themselves. When you live 24/7 with a dog you get yo understand their every voice and move. Hip Hip hooray to dog lovers everywhere…they are a gift to us.

  45. What a very happy day for the Schach Family and Brody; so glad you received good news for him!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your fur babies. Still hard to believe that we so recently waited on pins and needles for them to arrive and look at them now! All grown up and ready to start their new adventure in the ring! Love the Sleigh Ride card; gorgeous!! Given the fires and smoke in our part of the country, I am praying for rain SOON and a LOT of snow this winter! HUGS, Ann, you can now “relax” and have a wonderful week-end! P.S. I say “relax” with tongue in cheek as I am willing to bet you do not do that very often!

  46. Oh Ann, I am so very happy at this blessedly good news. I too, have to go through the dread of finding lumps on my dogs (Golden Retrievers), especially as they are older now, and not knowing what the biopsy results may tell. Your diamonds/dogs quote will be filed away in the “must remember” part of my brain, especially since I had not heard THAT one before.
    I continue to enjoy showing your dogs vicariously from my armchair and through your interesting narratives.
    Give your four legged furry brood a big hug for me,

  47. So glad for the good news! I have been anxiously waiting. What little rising stars you have!

  48. So thankful it was good news! We’re dog lovers as well, with an almost 5 year old chocolate lab. : )

  49. If my kids were as spoiled as my dogs are, I’d have done away with them!!! My dogs are all rescues and seem to forget their “humble beginnings” as soon as they walk in the door!! I do love hearing about your dogs – – they’re precious!!

  50. Just adorable! Glad the news was good.

  51. Such a relief and great news. Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

  52. AWEsome! The news and those “twins”. Love to live vicariously through yours and the furbabies’ adventures!

  53. So grateful for the good news. We do love our pets.

  54. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news on Brody’s test results. This is definitely the start of a great weekend! The puppy twins look darling, and yes, Jack is so lovable. Big kisses for all the Schach boxers.

  55. Wonderful news. I can just imagine your worry until the great news came in. I agree with all your sayings about dogs. I have a rescue Akita and she is definitely my baby. I cannot show her, but she is a champion to me.

    Please keep us posted on their progress and show careers. I showed Shelties years ago, but haven’t been in a show ring in years, so I have to feed my interest through you.

  56. Oh, thank you for the Brody update….soon excited for you All…gentle pats to that very handsome man dog! The twins are soooo adorable…thank you for their pictures, know they will be fine once Amy gets ahold of them and does her magic!

  57. So very happy that you got the wonderful news you hoped for! Such beautiful loving dogs, truly majestic!
    Patricia in Montana USA

  58. Such wonderful news! I know how it is to love those pets! I like hearing the puppy news as much as seeing your very creative cards.

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