Easter Delivery…Puppies!

Instead of Easter eggs, we at The Stampin’ Schach are expecting a batch of mini-Muffins in a few weeks.  If all goes well, Muffy will deliver her puppies Easter weekend.

The sire of the litter is Am Ch/Can GCh. Shadigee’s Calculated Risk (Kaden).

Kaden Ad BDThose of you who are new to The Stampin’ Schach may not be familiar with Muffy.  She is GCH. Cimarron’s Do You Know the Muffin Man, my first show dog and the sweetest girl ever.  She, along with her littermate, Brody, and “sister”, Lexi, are my constant companions.

Fullscreen capture 12192014 63016 PMMuffy’s past few weeks have been spent sleeping and eating.  She is starting to look uncomfortable.  I do believe I can see “Mini-Muffins” baking for sure.  How about you?

IMG_0530Today marks the end of week #6.  I’ll be sure to post a picture every Friday until she whelps.  In the meantime, keep her in your thoughts for a safe delivery and healthy babies.  Until next time…


  1. Ooo congratulations Anne – how exciting! I do hope all goes well and looking forward to monitoring Muffy’s progress!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming litter of pups. With their parents, I’m sure they’ll all be gorgeous!
    Now, how DID you create that triple bow??


  3. Oh my what wonderful news. So happy for you and Muffy. That’s quite a good-looking “stud” you found for sweet Muffy. Looking forward to seeing the little fur babies. Sure beats a chocolate bunny (and chocolate is my favorite food group)!

  4. Congratulations Ann and Muffy. Her beau is very handsome. I’m sure you can’t wait to see those beautiful puppies. Thinking of you all and hoping everything goes well. Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us!

  5. That is wonderful news!!! No more stealing Brody’s toys. She looks so sweet and peaceful laying there. My thoughts and prayers are with her and you on an easy delivery. Can’t wait for the pictures of the mini Muffins.

  6. Awww, mini muffins! How sweet! Sending good thought to Miss Muffy for a safe delivery. Big hugs! 🙂

  7. Congratulations! So happy for the family. So Ann – laughing – you will be a Grandmother. Thought you would like that comment. Can’t wait until the little ones arrive. We will keep her in our thoughts for a safe delivery and healthy babies. Will keep the Grandparents in our thoughts as well. Can’t wait until the next update. Thank you so much! Love being sent your way!

  8. How exciting…and how precious Ms. Muffy looks.
    Can’t wait for their arrival.

  9. Congratulations!!! Awaiting news of the new arrivals!

  10. I just love all your updates on your “children”. I send them to my daughter in the military so she can follow too. Muffy will finally have real babies instead of her funny substitutes. Well wishes to the intire family. I know Brody and Lexi will be great “big brother and big sister”. I sure can see that Muffy’s oven is full of mini muffins. What a wonderful blessing. Debie from sunny calif.

  11. Awww! So happy for you all! Best of everything and a great delivery! I love it…mini Muffins!

  12. Oh my you must be so excited! Little mini Muffins! How cute is that! hugs.

  13. integrantservices

    Heh…Mini-Muffins. Cute! Congrats, and hope everything goes well!

  14. Congratulations, I know you are excited

  15. Oh, Ann! That is such exciting news!! It sure doesn’t take as long for puppies as it does for humans, does it. Puppies are always such fun. Can’t wait to see pictures. Muffy will be such a good Momma! How many puppies do Boxers usually have?

  16. How thrilling! Byes she does look like she is baking away! Cannot wait to see how many mini Muffy’s she is carrying and what they look like! Her sire is very handsome! Best delivery wishes for her delivery and babies…betting she will be a very loving and good mom! Looking forward to the reactions from the aunt and uncle! Sweet pats to all!

  17. Sweet news! Can’t wait to meet the tiny muffins….warmest wishes

  18. Oh, how exciting!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the little Muffins! I will keep all of you in my prayers! XX

  19. congratulations!! What exciting news!!

  20. Congrats! Best wishes and excited for the Easter Muffins!

  21. Mazel Tov! Praying for a healthy Muffy and litter!!! Nancy B

  22. Exciting news! Can’t wait to see the sweet puppies!

  23. So exciting! Here’s hoping Muffy (and you!) do well! I’ll be watching for photos. 🙂

  24. Congratulations, Ann! Hoping for healthy little puppies and a happy Muffin Mom.

  25. Oh how exciting. Congratulations to Muffy, she’s finally getting some “real” babies. Praying for an easy pregnancy and safe delivery. A house full of bouncing boxer butts, how fun!

  26. Oh, mini Muffins!!! This is so exciting! All the stamping aunts and uncles will be waiting for every piece of news!!! Sweet momma looks wonderful!

  27. Here is to a happy and healthy litter – I can hardly wait to see the pictures.

  28. So exciting. Can’t wait to see pictures when the little ones are born. Who doesn’t love puppies.

  29. How wonderful! Muffy will be a great mother.

  30. Easter Furpuppies? How happy I am for you Ann. You and Muffy have been waiting for this wonderful news. I cannot wait to see Friday’s picture of Muffy growing and getting ready to deliver her little ones. She sure is showing her pregnancy. Have you had an ultrasound to know how many puppies she is having? Prayers are going on for healthy puppies and Muffy too. (I hope the other kids don’t get jealous. Ha!)

  31. Prayers for a healthy litter and safe delivery. Thanks for the updates.

  32. What exciting news, Ann!! So happy to hear that the trip to the bakery was successful and soon there will be Mini Muffins! Praying that all goes well!

  33. Oh Ann, what wonderful news, soon you’ll have a house full of super adorable little puppies and we will be meeting them for the first time here, I can’t wait.
    She looks so sweet with her belly full of little ones, it’s a good thing she is resting like she should.
    We will be anxiously waiting the arrival of this little cuties.
    Thank you for sharing this fabulous event with us.

  34. Ann
    Thank you for the update. I can’t wait to follow the progress. I am anxious so I can’t imagine how you must feel. Sending love and best wishes.

  35. How sweet….Congrats. Pray that all goes well. Can’t wait to see pics.

  36. Yay, so exciting, were never going to forget this Ester Basket, wow
    Tfs Ms Ann , prayers that it all goes well for Muffy and her Muffins
    Hugs to you all
    And thanks for all the prayers for my daughter , doing much better , thank God ,

  37. Hugs and prayers for a safe pregnancy and delivery; can hardly wait to see the adorable little Mini Muffins!!

  38. Congratulations!.
    I pray that all goes well and Muffy has a healthy litter

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