The Muffy Chronicles…The Last Show

Stories do not always have happy endings…and so it is with Muffy’s quest for her Grand Champion title.  She showed like the rock star she is.  I could not have asked for her to show any better.  She was indeed pulled out for a look on Sunday, but did not get the nod from the judge.  Our goal was to earn the title before her first litter. We started our quest too late, and just ran out of time.

Muffy had a wonderful show career, garnering Best of Breeds and group placings, including a coveted Group 1 placement.  I was honored to see her vie for Best in Show. Not every owner gets to say that.

But now it is time to say good-by to the show ring.  She is entered in one more series of shows the first weekend in December, but whether she gets to show in them is up to Mother Nature.  My guess is that she will be carrying her first litter of puppies by then.  Muffy will make an excellent mother, and I can hardly wait for our batch of mini-Muffins.  Of course, you will be with her on every step of that journey.

Am I disappointed that she will forever be just one win away from being Grand Champion Cimarron’s Do You Know the Muffin Man? Of course I am.  But when all is said and done, she is still my best friend.  She still makes me laugh. 

She still reads my mind.  And her beauty still takes my breath away.  Just like clothes do not make the man, titles do not make the dog.

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  1. Title or not, Muffy is a Grand Champion! Love all the pictures you shared.

  2. She is a super star…..and a sweetheart besides…..doesn’t get any better!

  3. Not being a show person, I can’t feel your disappointment, although I can certainly understand it and feel it with you. But to me, this is the most important: she is still my best friend. She still makes me laugh. She still reads my mind. And her beauty still takes my breath away. What could possibly be better than a love like that? I share in your disappointment, but I revel in your blessings.

  4. This is a very bittersweet moment for you and Muffy, so close. The most important thing is that you love her and she loves you unconditionally. That is better than any prize or accolade she could earn in the show ring.

  5. Ann,
    Always enjoy your blog. Being a fellow dog lover I appreciated sharing your journey with your beauty’s. I really enjoy your candid comments. I believe everything happens for a reason. I’m sure the next chapter will be rewarding, Love the picture of you and Muffy side by side. You are both Champions in my book!

  6. Thanks for sharing these pictures and an update. She is such a special friend and a grand champion in all of our hearts no matter what. The idea of mini-Muffins just makes me giddy!

  7. Thanks for the update. I love the photo of her looking up at you with great expectation. Knowing how wonderful a mom she was to her two imaginary babies, I can hardly wait to hear and see all the stories of her upcoming real ones. Hugs to a champion in all our hearts.

  8. If we all were the Judges She would have been Grand Champion 100 x’s over. Muffy has won our hearts that’s for sure.And she is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen! I know she will make an amazing momma, her pups will be stunning as well!

  9. What a wonderful journey she has had. You have every reason to feel proud of her. Your right, a title doesn’t make who she is. And perhaps her biggest show will one day be those sweet puppies. Always a winner. I’m as proud as if she were mine.

  10. I love the pictures of the two of you. She is a beauty!!! And a winner, no matter the points. She has already shown how a great mom she will be to Brody’s toys. Can’t wait to see the real deal. Keep us informed.

  11. You look like a proud mama! Unfortunately we can’t win every thing but what a wonderful trip for you both. she is a beauty to look at.

  12. Ann,
    So sorry your Muffin did not make it. Alas, we do not all get what we strive for, even if we are qualified. She will have beautiful puppies and you will be like a proud grandma.

  13. She is beautiful … Can’t wait to see her puppies!

  14. Ann, you are right Muffy is the most beautiful dog…judges are human and don’t always get it right. She will be the best mother. Keep us informed, we ALL love Muffy….

  15. Just like non fur babies, not all babies are champions according to the world. Children and fur-children are Champions in our hearts. We raise them up right and like arrows shoot them out into the world to build their lives. All we can do is smile, knowing we raised them right…and then wait for the Grand-children, our rewards for raising them up right! Blessings to your family as you wait for your fur-grandchildren!

  16. Sometimes the judges get it wrong! She is a Champion in my book! Thanks for the updates. Love the photo of you and her! Best wishes with the mini muffins!

  17. It doesn’t take judges to make her a champion; she already is!

  18. Ann, Muffy may not have made Grand Champion on the circuit but she is OUR Grand Champion. Such a beautiful girl! And so lucky to have such a loving home and parents! Thanks for sharing your journey with us; we all can hardly wait to see those Mini-Muffins! Love the photos you have posted of the two of you. Hugs to you.

  19. Thank you for sharing your stories with us of the life and times of Muffy. She is a beautiful dog and I look forward to reading about her future of being Muffy mom.

  20. Muffy is a champion in my eyes. What a beautiful dog! I know you are sad she did not achieve her goal of Grand Champion, but just think how awesome those babies are going to be! Can hardly wait!! Love that photo of the two of you!

  21. Congratulations on taking your Muffy the extra mile!! Sometimes you do end up with the judge’s bias….to my conformation eyes, she is very close to perfect….especially like her ears and the stance. I think you’ll enjoy the next chapter as you upsell those pups!

    I see that you’ve honored her by choosing her colors in your own highlighting….lol

  22. Ann I feel your disappointment in the judges decision. Muffy has done so well and now she can be the Momma she has been wanting to be. Congratulations on your journey with Muffy!!!
    Cannot wait for all the stories of the little furbabies.

  23. I have enjoyed the journey with you, and she is champion in every way. I love the picture of the two of you, it is so great. Can’t wait to see puppy pictures!

  24. janice rosenthal rock

    Well, since I love “mutts”, even the fact that she was a “show dog” is sort of beyond my understanding!! LOL! But she is gorgeous . . . and I can’t wait to see her babies!

  25. Muffy will always be a winner to those of us who love her! She is a beautiful, sweet girl and I can’t wait to follow her journey into motherhood!

  26. Now you and your babies get to spend more quality time at home, together! And I love your last statement…yes it would be super wonderful to have the title, but she and the other pups are your family and the title would not have given her more love….sorry but a bit relieved and cannot wait to see her babies! Hugs to you and pats to the pups!

  27. She will always be our super star grand champion! So, how are Lexi and Brody doing? I bet they will lobe having her and you home more!

    Chris R. from Iowa

  28. She is beautiful and I love the last photo of the two of you.

  29. She is such a beautiful girl. I love her soulful eyes and eager stance! She is a winner with or without titles! Wonderful pictures of Muffy and you. I’m looking forward to seeing all the puppy love later. Thank you for letting us see a little of your journey together.

  30. She is so beautiful. I can just imagine the gorgeous pups!

  31. Love the pics of you and Muffy!

  32. Ann – so sorry Muffy didn’t win her Grand Champion title but she is such a beautiful dog!!! I have fallen in love with her and can’t wait to see her puppies.

  33. So sweet, Ann…had to laugh at the mini-muffins! And I hope that isn’t a Pup-Peroni I see hanging from your mouth!

  34. thank you for constantly up dating Miss Muffy; she did her best & makes you proud, no matter where you go. She’s a constant reminder of what “man’s best friend is”. She’s adorable, gorgeous & funny; thank you for sharing the photos of the 2 of you…priceless & beautiful!!

  35. No, her heart is still just a beautiful whether she wins Grand Champion or not. She is truly a gorgeous dog and the picture of the two of you together is so heart warming. Can hardly wait for the next chapter in her life!!

  36. She’s a winner just the same!

  37. My heart just feels your pain…yes you should be so very proud thanks for always keeping us posted and your right the story does NOT end here…

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