Lexi the Puppinator and Lip Balm Holders

I am holding my annual Hostess Club Soup Supper Thursday evening.  It has become a tradition for us.  It is nothing fancy, but we do have fun eating and stamping.  Since I always like to give the members a little something, I whipped up these Lip Balm Holders as a “thank-you” for putting up with me all year.  When I picked up the lip balms at Convention, I never realized that there would be matching Festival of Prints paper in the Holiday Catalog.  I love that little pad of paper! I still need to finish decorating them, but I wanted to take a picture of the matching papers and lip balms first

I hope the ladies love them, as well as the soups:  homemade taco and homemade vegetable!

The Puppinator
Well, Lexi Scrooge hit the stack of Christmas cards that were waiting on the table to be signed and addressed.  Remember this card which won the Pearl Challenge at 52 {Christmas} Card Throwdown?  It was one of my favorites.

Here it is after Lexi the Puppinator destroyed it: 

Or how about this one, another Top Honor winner at 52 {Christmas} Card Throwdown?

Obviously Lexi thought I went a little overboard with the bow, and decided to modify it herself. 

There are several more cards from previous posts with various toothmarks and torn corners.  Don’t let this face of sweetness fool you!

She grew into Lexi the Puppinator!  Just look at that face of pure evil!

Here she is trying to force a sleeping Brody into playing with her by shoving a plastic bottle in his face:

And here she is daring her “sister”, the sweet, sweet Muffy, to leave the crate!  But in the end, I had to rescue Lexi.  It seems that The Puppinator hasn’t learned how to jump down from heights.

Hopefully Lexi will be on her best behavior from now until Christmas if she expects Santa Paws to leave anything in her stocking!  And hopefully I will have time to re-make the damaged cards.  As always, if you ever have any questions about the projects I create, I am only an email away!  Until next time…


  1. Ann, i can sympathize with you. My Gabby (min. Schnauzer) has been equally destructive. They seem to think we value these paper creations more than them and destroy to get our attention. Lexi is still a doll and, I’m sure, a joy. I love your cards and yourstories of the dogs. Keep them coming! Smiles, Laura

  2. Ann, I just love seeing your pups. So cute!

  3. I am playing catchup today, missed some of your posts this week! Love the lip balm holders, they are adorable! And dear miss Lexi, I totally understand! Have had lots of things destroyed over the years but wouldn’t trade my babies for anything, and I know you feel the same! I just love the pic of her on top of Muffy’s crate, what a hoot! Hope you are able to fix some of the damage and recreate the really bad cards! Everything goes up really high in my house these days, our foster girl Amber is another Lexi, but she’s 10 years old! LOL

  4. OMGoodness! I am just now catching up on your blog posts after a busy several days. I am LOL at that little Lexi. She is something else! I think you should send those beautiful cards to your blog readers before she has a chance to get to them. LOL 🙂 I guess you are going to have to get yourself a cabinet that locks and just keep them in it so she cannot get to them.

    I love your lip balm holders and matching cards! Your hostesses are lucky ducks.

  5. Very pretty lip balm holders…you’re such a nice hostess!

    So sorry about your cards, Lexi sure is opportunistic about tearing them up!

  6. Your cards are just beautiful. I loved seeing the pic’s of the boxers and hearing the story. Boxers have so much personality. I have two at the moment, use to always have four. You just never know what they will get up to. Thanks, for sharing.

  7. Sooooo very sorry about your beautiful cards…maybe Lexi was just trying to give you her own rewards….alas, seeing the other pics, she is truly a handful…but beautiful puppyinator! Guessing your Christmas tree is behind a gate or something so she doesn’t de-decorate it for you…LOL! I’m not laughing at you/her, just sympathizing!

  8. wonderful project. love the lip balm idea and hope you have a wonderful time at your dinner. that naughty lexi!

  9. Ann how cute are your lip balm sets! the girls will just love them for sure.

    Lexi as a new puppy is too cute, and feel sooooooooo sad your cards got ruined, but I know she just melts your heart. hugs

  10. Love the lip balms with the matching paper – how cool is that!?! Your group will love them!

    Now, let’s hope Lexi doesn’t get ahold of them! Did she consume any pearls?

    I think I told you about the time Mike was teaching and he fed one of the student’s homework to our dog on purpose! He was always telling Mike his dog or the neighbor’s dog ate his homework. This one time he turned something in but it wasn’t at all right so he gave it to George to eat. I think he did hand the kid back a partial piece of it with an F!

    Henry tore apart my SU Salebration bag a few weeks ago. No idea why and it was full of stuff which he didn’t harm thankfully.

    Chris R. from Iowa

  11. Sorry to laugh, but Dexter has destroyed a few of my Christmas cards as well! Dexter is 18 months old. We also call him “Denise the Menace”

  12. Your soup evening sounds like a fun together. The lip balm holders are adorable.

    Miss Lexi sure has been a fresh little girl. She will learn when she sees Santa Paws leaving extra goodies for her big brother and sister!

  13. Oh my, that one is a handful. LOL
    And such beautiful cards too!

  14. Ann, when you were my teacher, you would not buy the “dog ate my homework” excuse. Now, see it IS possible for a dog to eat paper! LOL

  15. Belly laughing so hard I can barely type this! Oh my goodness Lexi is so funny!

    You have to have one of the happiest blogs I follow! I get a kick out of the doggie updates! Love Miss Lexi’s antics.

    Oh, and the lip balms are awesome too! :0)

  16. I love the Lexi antics. I miss my shoe chewing dogs!

  17. Great little gifts for your gathering. I’m sure they will enjoy them.
    Sounds like Lexi is at that terrible 2’s stage.
    Ann, you may have to put your cards in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid.
    Even if naughty,Everyone deserves something nice.
    Have a great evening and a wonderful weekend

  18. I love the lip balms and how you wrapped each one. So cute! As for Lexi, there’s always one in every family. Maybe since Muffy is in her mothering mode these day, Lexi is demanding attention by being destructive.

  19. I had to laugh (sorry, Ann) at all Lexie is doing – destroying your lovely cards and bothering/daring her brother and sister and yet being stuck on top of the crate and being unable to get down. The “Pup”pinator is still a pup. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful way for me to start my morning 🙂

  20. Oh my!! Did she eat the pearls? You were very calm in your post.

  21. Hi Ann,
    I have been missing from the post lately but I sure enjoyed catching up on what is happening at the “Schach”.
    Wow I have missed some great cards and a little action tooo..hee.
    Lexi is just trying to make her own cards with some help from you. At least she thinks they are great.
    Again I feel for you and all the beautiful cards that your new artist destroyed. Life just isn’t the same with a puppy around!
    She is so adorable!
    Ann, thanks for humoring us with your furbabies. I truely enjoy following this post!
    What wonderful pictures of the furbabies.

  22. Love the matching lip balms and the holders. OMGOsh Lexi is definetly on the Naughty List! Santa Paws is not happy with her at all, lol. I groaned out load when I saw the damage! Yikes.

  23. give Lexi 2 times out, for me, for modifying my favourite cards! somehow, I do remember a little individual at this home redoing an album for me; think I had too many elements on the cover, for his liking!

  24. Love those lip balms..My demonstrator doesn’t do such nice things for us..Wish I was closer to you. Anyway, how could you not resist those sly things your pup did. I understand and since she’s so cute, you can’t be “upset”. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful, happy, healthy 2013.

  25. Those lip balm holders are just too cute! And…oh Lexi! You naughty, NAUGHTY puppy!

  26. Cute lip balm holders! And Lexi, can’t help but love her!

  27. Love your lip balm and matching paper. Great gifts.

    Poor Lexi! They can get into trouble that is for sure. I was able to adopt my Muffy because she stole a batch of chocolate chip cookies from her original owner and they couldn’t take any more. Lucky for me. Whenever I would make Chocolate Chip cookies my Muffy would set in front of the oven and druel! We would always make a Muffy cookie. Still do today even though she is no longer with us. You have to love them that is for sure.

  28. Nooooooooo!!!! Bad, bad puppy! I seem to remember Brody and Muffy getting into cards but not like this. Hope one of these wasn’t for Santa Paws or she is getting nothing but coal. Love the treat holders…fabulous!

  29. I think Lexi has more of an impressionist style.

  30. Matching paper and lip balm – amazing. Obviously Lexi has very good taste in cards – I too think those two in particular look good enough to eat!! Next time she’s misbehaving, put her up on something!

  31. What a great post! Thanks, Lexi, for giving us a little excitement. So glad you were able to snap the “before” photos on those beauties, but the “after” photos are great!

  32. Lip balms with matching paper? How adorable! So sorry to see that Lexi “enjoyed” your cards a bit too much. Several years ago I baked a big batch of biscotti and I left the cookies out on cooling racks while I took a shower. When I returned to the kitchen, there was not a single trace of biscotti…not even a crumb. I thought I’d lost my mind until I noticed my (usually well-behaved) dog licking his lips, so I bent down to smell his breath. He had eaten every single crumb! Even worse, his stomach can best be described as “sensitive” on a good day, so you can imagine the kind of fun we had as those trays of biscotti worked their way through his system! All this is to say I feel for you!! But when those sweet puppy eyes look into ours, it’s so hard to stay mad, isn’t it?

  33. those lip balms with matching holders are so cute. your hostesses will love them. shame on miss lexi!

  34. That was a great way to end my evening…laughing all the way on my way to bed. That Lexi is just too much. Great little gifts for your stampers too.

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