One Day Left – Starter Kit Special

It’s me, Nueve! Because I’m a working dog, Mom put me to work.  She said it’s about time I started earning my keep, instead of just laying around sleeping.

I’m s’posed to tell you ’bout the Starter Kit Special.

Starter Kit Special

I didn’t really know what that was, ’cause I am just learning things.  Great Aunt Muffy knew all about that kind of stuff.  But, Mom told me a few things ’bout it though, so I KNOW I can do a “Good Boy” job of telling you all about it.

First of all, Mom said that for $75 dollars, you can pick out $125 worth of goodies, and it ships for free.  I don’t quite understand dollars, but she said that’s like getting 5 bags of dog food for the price of 3 bags.  (I happen to like the ones with the big pieces of food. Big pieces fit in my mouth better. ) But, you do have to pay tacks.  (Be careful, though.  Tacks are dangerous.  My Mom dropped one when she was hanging up some  decorations.  I ran over to help her find it, and she yelled ” Nueve, NO! Danger!” I did what I was s’posed to do, and stopped right where I was.  She said I was a Good Boy, and gave me a treat.  I think my full name is Nueve Good Boy, ’cause Mom calls me that a lot.)

When she said $125 worth of goodies, I asked her if that included toys and treats. And you know what? She said yes!  She said it included lots of Stampin’ Up! toys and treats like stamp sets, dies, papers, inks and more! I was all excited and started wiggling my butt when I heard about the toys and treats.  I think I want to be a demon-straighter. I’m not sure what one of those does, but if it involves treats and toys, I know it’s for me!


They other important thing she said was that you had to hurry if you wanted to join.  The $75 special ends November 30th.  (She tells me to hurry up all the time, like when we are on our walks.  She doesn’t let me sniff stuff as long as I want.  Grrrr…..)

Just in case I missed some important stuff, Mom is going to add some more stuff ’bout it below.  As for me, all work and no play makes Nueve a dull boy. I’m off to play…


There Is Still Time to Take Advantage of the $75 Starter Kit

Starter Kit Special

Through November 30th, Stampin’ Up! is offering a special on their Starter Kit.  For only $75, you can enjoy $125 worth of products! The Starter Kit ships for FREE for an additional savings of 10%.  In addition to your selection of craft supplies, you will be provided with everything you need to start your Stampin’ Up! business strong. Between a pack of business-building tools and unlimited access to the demonstrator website, you will hit the ground running OR you can choose to be your own best customer.

Build a Business or Be Your Own Best Customer – The Choice is Yours!

Purchasing the Starter Kit and joining Stampin’ Up! brings you demonstrator benefits.  With your demonstrator status enjoy:

  • SAVE at least 20% ON EVERYTHING YOU PURCHASE! Once you join, you’ll enjoy a 20 – 25% discount on your favorite Stampin’ Up!®  inks, paper, stamps, tools, and more while you remain active
  • NO PRESSURE OR OBLIGATION TO SELL TO OTHERS! There’s never an obligation to host parties, sell products, or purchase anything else after the kit.
  • THERE’S NO RISK! NO PENALTY TO DROP! If you reach $300 in sales by the end of the first full Stampin’ Up!® quarter after you sign-up, you automatically renew your demonstrator discounts and benefits for another quarter. To continue, you will need to reach $300+ in sales (includes personal purchases) to renew from quarter to quarter. If you don’t reach $300 in sales, you can “drop” with no penalty.
  • ORDER NEW PRODUCTS EARLY!  View new catalogs and pre-order products a month (or more) before their release (with your discount).  The NEW 2022 January – June Mini Catalog and Sale-a-Bration Promotion PDFs will be available to Demonstrators on November 15!  Pre-order (Mini Catalog) and pre-earn (Sale-A-Bration) opportunity begins for demonstrators December 1!
  • CONTINUE the BENEFITS and DISCOUNTS! From the time you join through the end of the first full Stampin’ Up!® quarter, you will be able to take advantage of demonstrator discounts and benefits. The Quarters are January – March, April – June, July – September, October – Dec. You will have the balance of the quarter in which you join PLUS the first full quarter to reach your first $300 in sales (includes personal purchases) and renew for another quarter.
  • JOIN TODAY! Purchase the starter kit through me and instantly become a member of the Schach Pack Pals. You’ll have access to private Facebook groups, receive newsletters, and will be able to engage with a community of other stampers.
  • Questions about joining? Email me at [email protected] If you are ready to join NOW, CLICK HERE!
Current Host Code Information

Ready to order supplies to make your own cards? I would love to be your Demonstrator. Click Here to place an order in my online store.

When checking out, if you apply the Host Code to your online orders of at least $50, but under $150, you’ll get a free gift from me. If your order is over $150, please do not apply the host code – you will be receiving your own host rewards, as well as your gift from me. All orders of $50 or more earn points toward my Loyalty Rewards Program.

Current Code: AHTFU6DF

NEED A COPY OF THE CATALOG? If you do not currently have a Stampin’ Up!® demonstrator, please email me at: [email protected]  and I will drop one into the mail to you free of charge, pronto!


Looking for an oldie but goodie? Check out my retired stamps which I have for sale.

Retired Sets for Sale

As always, if you have any questions about the cards I create or the techniques I use, I am only an email away! Until next time…



  1. Dear Nueve,
    What beautiful eyes you have I can look in those eyes and see a beautiful soul!
    Good job hope mom gave you the treats you deserve for this job!

  2. Oh Nueve, you did such a good job assisting mom. Good boy!

  3. Nueve certainly had his patter down perfect, Ann! Enjoyed the post so much. He definitely deserves a nice treat of his own. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Thanks for the smile Nueve and Ann.

  5. I so enjoy the escapades you share about your boxers I was raised with boxers and they have remained a favorite bread of mine over 60 years. Unfortunately they leave us to make the trip over the rainbow…I have many dogs waiting for me…I believe they have the greatest time trapsing around waiting…

  6. Nueve Good Boy you certainly made me chuckle this morning. With you’re personality you would be a super demon-straighter. I hope mom lets you share often.

  7. Oh Ann, your talents amaze me. What a great job. You too Nueve Good Boy!

  8. Nueve, you have a great sense of humor! I think you’d make a super demon-straighter! I’m a demon-straighter myself and there are lots of treats involved. Go for it, Big Guy!

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