An Easy WOW Card, Shares, and Boxer News

Who doesn’t like an easy WOW card? I know I do, and this one fills the bill perfectly.  Now keep in mind, easy does not mean it won’t take time.  But I think you’ll agree, the time it takes to create this card using new In Colors, the new Colorful Seasons stamp set, and the new Seasonal Layers thinlits is worth it!

Easy WOW card

The Stampin’ Schach Design Tips
This finished card measures 5-1/2″ wide x 4-1/4″ tall when folded.

The Berry Burst Color Theory Designer Paper does all the work on this card.  Just add the sentiment and let the crackled background do all the work!

Close up of sentimentBoth stamped and die cut blossoms adorn this card.  The stamped ones were created by inking the image with Berry Burst ink, then stamping off once.  The Powder Pink cardstock die cuts were inked on the edges with Berry Burst ink using a Sponge Dauber. Of course, how could I resist adding pearls and rhinestones to this WOW card?

Close Up of Flowers

To add texture,  a simple bow crafted from 1/2″  Berry Burst Finely Woven ribbon was added.

Close up of bow

Here is one more look at the finished card! If you would like step-by-step details on how to make this WOW card, including cutting dimensions, just CLICK HERE for your FREE tutorial.

Close up of flowers

This card was created for a friend of mine who is going through some troubling times. In fact, it is heading out in the mail today.  But as I sat down and created it yesterday, I thought how this card applies to me, too.  I finally have some time to “Just Breathe”.

The American Boxer Club National Specialty has come and gone, and Jackie had a fabulous show.  At the Awards Banquet, Jackie won the award for the most Bred By Exhibitor Wins in the United States.  He then went on to defeat several Top Twenty boxers, including his sire, before eventually being eliminated.

Jackie's Select Dog JeffersonI have said my good-by to Kendall the puppy, who is now with her co-owner in Canada.  She leaves a happy, healthy, well socialized little girl. The plan is that she will rejoin me in a year to pursue her American title.  Until then, I will watch her grow up from afar.

Kendall's Good By Photo

And I am enjoying every day I have left with Brody, who was diagnosed this spring with bladder cancer. His eyes are still bright and shiny, he is still playful, and he is tolerating his medication well.  Other than wondering why the tears flow as I hold him close at night, he does not know there is anything wrong.  We continue to create memories…

Brody May 2017And so time goes on.  For now, I am breathing and finding time to create once again.  As always, if you have any questions about the cards I create, or the techniques I use, I am only an email away.  Until next time…

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  2. With tears in my eyes and a sad heart, I am so sorry to hear about Brody. Praying that you will have much more time with him to make memories. How blessed he is to be part of such a loving family. As always, boxers rule!! Patti

  3. Thanks for showing the beautiful card and the boxer news. We missed you and the pack.

  4. Chris R. from Iowa

    Definitely a WOW card! Such a great addition to see your pearls and rhinestones. Simply beautiful – much prettier than the one in the catalog.

    Oh poor Brody – now I know he was destined to come home with you and Muffy. He has had such a great life in the Schach household. Hoping he still has many more wonderful days, months etc. pain free and a good quality of life. Prayers, hugs, and well wishes coming your way.

  5. I’m devastated about Brody. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you travel this journey with him. I pray he has a peaceful and painfree life until he crosses the rainbow bridge.

  6. First thing I said when I opened your email and saw this gorgeous card was WOW!. Another super delightful card from you. You must have everyone is tears concerning Brody. I know the pain of losing my dogs so my heart goes out to you and your hubby. Marlene

  7. Your comments about Brody just struck such a cord with me: we recently had to put down our beloved Golden Retriever. He was 12 and had a fast growing tumor on h is spine. His quality of life was not what I had hoped for in his old age. On a bittersweet note, another Golden will be coming home with us on Monday. While he won’t and can’t ever replace our Reilly, he will make a place of his own in our hearts and lives. I’m sure Reilly will send barks of encouragement from Rainbow Bridge.

    BTW Just love the card!!!

  8. Dear Ann — I’m so sorry to hear about Brody, but I know he’s cherishing every moment with you, and you with him. I’ve heard people say that the heartbreak of losing a beloved family pet member is enough to make them not want another. But I believe each one heals the heart from the loss of the one before. They never replace each other, but they do heal our hearts and fill our lives with unconditional love and immeasurable joy. Praying for your peace and comfort, and for sweet Brody. Love and hugs to you, Ann.

  9. Oh Ann, I am so saddened to hear Brody is ill. I hope his eyes continue to be bright and shiny. He and Muffy both hold a special place in my heart. Hugs to the whole Schach clan and pack.

    Wow is the perfect description of your card. I would have been disappointed if you didn’t add pearls and/or rhinestones!

  10. Hi Ann! I love your card, so very pretty. The background is perfect with all the blossoms on their branch. It’s fun to see the new In Colors.

    Jackie is so handsome! Congrats on his fantastic wins!

    Kendall is just adorable, can’t wait to see her again some day.

    Poor sweet Brody, I’m so very sorry to hear your news. It’s wonderful you have time to adjust and give him the very best love and care. What a sweet face, prayers for no suffering. Big hugs to you and Kim in the days and months ahead.

    My eleven year old black lab Jet is having a hard week with arthritis and our morning walks are getting slower. He’s so happy though and I know it’s good to keep him moving. So hard to watch them go down hill and remember how much energy and pep they used to have.

    Hugs to you~

  11. Your card takes my breath away. Gorgeous. Sening along prayers for comfort and healing.

  12. What a gorgeous card, Ann. I have missed your beautiful work. Sounds like your life is very busy but full of love and joy. I am definitely going to CASE this beauty!

    Thanks for sharing your fur babies stories. Love hearing about their successes. I share in your pain as well. Thinking of you and your family.

  13. Thanks. I received my new catalog yesterday!

  14. Oh, Ann – it can be such a roller coaster life with dogs. The happy news and the not-so-happy news. Hopefully you will have many days yet with Brody and he will not be in pain. Great to hear about Jackie and it’s wonderful that Kendall has a great future.

  15. Had no clue you were fighting such a battle with Brody. That poor guy has had so much to deal with…..which means you have too! It’s a tough job being the Momma! xox

  16. I am so very sorry to hear such sad news about Brody, Ann; he could not be in a more loving home than you and Kim. Thoughts and prayers for all.

    Congratulations on Jackie’s success, he has had quite a run this year and will only improve!

    How is Lexie these days?

    Your card is really a W.O.W.!! LOVE the colors and the crackle DSP, it is such a beautiful background for the branches and flowers. Love this set.


  17. I just love the details you put in this card. Beautiful!!
    Now after wiping my tears I want you to know how sorry I am to hear about Brody but I know he couldn’t be with anyone else that could ever give him the blessed life that you and your family have.
    I will keep you in my prayers.
    I love reading about your pet stories even if they aren’t always happy.

  18. Beautiful card! So sorry to hear about Brody! Sending hugs.

  19. Beautiful did I say Beautful!! Card. I followed u when I lived in Alabama and was a demonstrator too, I have lost touch with a lot of good stampin up blogs but i am getting back into the game. I am not a demonstrator but am in a good litt;e group here in Texas. Looking forward to the new catalog!

  20. So good to see your post. So very sorry about Brody. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. Oh, Ann, I’m so sorry about Brody. What a blessed boy he has been to have you to love him, though. Hugs.

  22. Have missed your postings lately…now I know why. I’m so sorry to hear about Brody. That’s so sad and I’m sorry for you! It’s good to know he’s in “great hands”. But with the bad we have to accept comes the good so I’m happy to hear about Jackie’s honors! Congratulations! Your card is SOOOO pretty. I really love it! The funeral is Sat. so I’ve been very busy. I know it will be a beautiful tribute. Loves and Hugs,
    Diane Gil

  23. That cancer just wouldn’t leave him alone would it? I am sooooooo sorry to hear this. I feel like I am losing one of my very own fur-babies. As my tears fall i think about how they are so loving and so caring it is not fair we have to give them back. Hugs and prayers to all. Thanks for sharing such a nice picture of Brody and in the background it looks like someone is cuddling him. Give him hugs from me and a treat if he can have one.

    Kendall looks like a cuddle-bug too.
    Now Jack what can you say…..he is just looks fantastic! Congratulations on his wins.

    I am glad they all have you for their “Momma”! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Your card is beautiful. I have this set too and I have not played with it yet. Your card is such an inspiration!!

  24. What a gorgeous card . . . love the mix of floral and the cracked paint background!

  25. JUDY Lauterbach

    It breaks my heart to hear about Brody. I’ve missed your update on your babies. Any more puppies? Is Brody the only older dog you have now? Didn’t he have a cancer at a younger age? Any way, prayers for your suffering

  26. Oh I’m so very sad to hear about Brody!! Bless his heart and yours! Thank goodness he is in your loving, caring hands Ann! Thoughts & Prayers being sent your way! Congrats to Jackie! He is such a handsome Boxer! I know you all are so proud of him.

    BTW, your card is just beautiful . . . as always! Love it!

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