Traveler for The Paper Players and Puppy News, Too

IMG_2530It’s Sunday, and time to play with The Paper Players!  This week we are being challenged to create masculine cards.  I don’t have a lot of masculine sets in my arsenal, but I did pull out the Traveler set to create this retirement card.  Enjoy!

pp248The Stampin’ Schach Design Tips
This finished card measures 5-1/2″ long by 4-1/4″ wide.

  • Depth! To make it appear as if the Locomotive image was coming from the woods, it was popped atop the original image using Stampin’ Dimensionals.  The plume of steam was stamped onto Whisper White, popped up on dimensionals, and extended beyond the oval.


  • Texture! The new Boho Chic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder adds texture.  In retrospect, it may be a tad busy for this particular card.  However, the longer I look at it, the more I like it.


  • Trees! Lovely As a Tree is still lovely after all these years.  I snipped out the pines and popped them up on dimensionals.  I do this a lot with this image.  They frame the oval perfectly.

IMG_2530-003As with many of my cards, I make them for specific people.  This card is for my husband, who is retiring in 3 weeks from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Road after 42 years of service! I thought the locomotive image was perfect.

I have been so busy the past few weeks with the mini-Muffins.  They are heading off to their forever homes, and it has been so emotional. Kash and Mira are in Chicago.


IMG_2828  Bunny is either headed to Texas or Canada…I will know on Monday.

IMG_3127Mr. Chunkers is still looking for a show home.

IMG_2775-001Kia was Brady’s choice, so she will be visiting me often,

IMG_3013 IMG_3016and Jack will be staying with Muffy and me.

IMG_2749IMG_2758IMG_2784It has been an experience which I will treasure for the rest of my life.  Each one of the mini-Muffins have stolen a piece of my heart.  It is so hard to say good-by…

I hope you enjoyed today’s card and pictures of the mini-Muffins! Won’t you let me know in today’s comments? Your comments are important to me! And remember…if you ever have any questions about the cards I create, I am only an email away! Until next time…

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  1. Scrumptious card design! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Hey Ann,

    Thanks for the info. on that card. I had just finished it when I got your e-mail. I thought, well, I will just take a stab at it. I love the card–thanks again for your time.
    Hugs, D.

  3. Oh, one more thing, how did you do the ovals, are they popped up on dimensionals? Thanks again.

  4. Hi Ann,
    WOW! I’ve had your card for awhile now, it is so gorgeous. I would love to do this for a workshop. Can you tell me the dimensions of your card and what size ovals you used, that is if you have the time?Thanks so much.
    Love the boxer puppies too! They are so sweet. We use to have boxers for 30 years.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. wow this is gorgeous! So much fussy cutting too! thank you so much for sharing!

  6. This is one of my favorite cards created by you! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your dog stories, too. ♥

  7. Love your card, but the pups are gorgeous. Hope they are happy in their forever homes. I miss my little girl she died seven years ago.

  8. This is my first visit to your site, it won’t be the last ! I was drawn in by your beautiful card. Lovely as a tree is one of my favourite stamps and your husband must be very
    pleased with your artistry.

  9. Phyllis Van Kampen

    Ann this card is great. I can’t believe the dimension. It is beautiful. I made 3 in the last 24 hours. My husband also worked at the RR years ago. A birthday card for him Jul 6th. Thanks for posting it.

  10. Love the card you made for your husband, and how appropriate considering he worked for the railroad. I have to wonder if “Lovely as a Tree” is the best selling set of all time. It sure is one of my favorites. Life must be settling down just a tiny bit as the pups find their forever homes. It must be hard to say goodbye, but you know they are going to bring much joy to their new families.


  12. Obviously I am a bit behind….but kind of figured that the mini-Muffins were going away….there were less pictures! I can only imagine your excitement, happiness for each one and then the dreaded emptyness. But you will have one with you and your son’s close by….hopefully the new permanent moms/dads will keep you up with pictures and stores about each one…at least for a year! LOVE your card….love the background and the movement of the train….fabulous!

  13. Ann, this card is jaw-dropping. Every week I say I can’t believe how beautiful your card is, and this week is no exception. The 3-D effect you have created is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Wow, your husband hitting the big 6-0 and retiring and your babies finding new homes, this is a busy time for you!! I’m so glad your son is taking Kia, hopefully we will get to see her grow up through your photos!!

  14. Ann, this is a card your husband will cherish! It is so amazing! You can tell it was made with love. Every detail is just fabulous! The locomotive looks so real popping off the card. Love the trees and the embossing folder is my new favorite!!!!
    The puppies are all such beauties! I know your heart is hurting to see them leave for their forever homes. I know they will all be loved! Sending you a hug! XXX

  15. OMG Ann – your card is amazing! That locomotive is travelling right out of the card!!!! I love the fussy cut detailing on the train and the trees; it must have taken you ages, but so worth it! I love the textured front too – I wouldn’t have thought to do this, but it really works. Wishing your husband a happy retirement – you have totally rocked my masculine challenge this week! As for the puppies – super cute all of them, it must be so hard to allow some of them to go away, but just think how much they will enrich the lives of those they are going to live with; amazing!

  16. Your card is OUTSTANDING!!! What a fabulous scene, love those trees. What cutie patootie puppies, I could see it being hard to give them up, so sweet!

  17. Wow Ann, the card is breathtakingly beautiful! I immediately thought of a Christmas scene too. congratulations to your husband on his retirement I do love reading about all of the dogs and am sad to see the mini muffins go…

  18. Thanks for sharing your muffin adventures! It’s sad to see them go – they will always have a place in your heart. Now they will bring joy and happiness to another family. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with all of your pictures!

  19. Ann, I’m Speechless! This is SO MAGNIFICENT and I can almost hear the train whistle! I had to see if the train was going to come rolling out of the card! wowzer IS ALL I can say.
    So happy about Brady the minis.. so stinkin’ cute. Hugs

  20. What a gorgeous card! I definitely want to case that one! And the puppies are so adorable, thanks for the photos!

  21. Hi Ann! Wow, I love your scenic card! It looks so real and the pines on the edge are perfect! Wishing Kim all the best, I bet he’s excited!!
    Oh, I love your puppy pics!! I bet your heart is full of love and sadness to see them leave you. Wonder how Muffy feels about it? I’m happy Brady will have a little girl to keep him company. The last pic of Jack with his tilted head is just precious! I’ll be thinking of you as you adjust to your new Schach pack. Have a great Monday!

  22. I love the puppy updates. That’s the first thing I look for — although your cards are beautiful, too. I’m so glad they are coming from a loving home and going to a loving home!

  23. Ann, this is one of your most gorgeous creations! The train really does appear to be coming out of the card, especially with the added steam. The embossing and neutral colors are perfect. Congratulations and best wishes to your husband on his retirement. I am so happy that two mini muffins are staying in the family. I look forward to seeing them gorw up!

  24. You may not have planned it but this was a very emotional post! First when the picture came up, I actually caught my breath and said oh my goodness. What a magnificent card, Ann! Then when I was reading about the minis and saw that Brady was taking one I got goose bumps all over for some reason. So sad they have to leave you, but you’ll have fun watching them come to stardom. Thanks for sharing and thanks for that absolutely totally breathtaking card!!

  25. Wow, what a gorgeous card! I think it may well be my FAVOURITE Traveller card to date 🙂

  26. Ann, what a absolute beautiful card as always. I will have to try to case this and make some. I know how difficult it has to be to part with those precious pups, they are adorable but you always know that you can’t keep them all. I’m sure the new parents will keep you posted with photos.

  27. Congrats to your husband! What an achievement! I hope he really enjoys his retirement. As for your card – it’s just perfect. You’ve created so much interest and depth with the fussy-cutting and the window. The puppies are adorable, too and I can’t imagine how hard it is to say goodbye.

  28. Well the card is mind boggling! All of that snipping! What a wonderful card! Congratulations to your hubby! And those puppies! Thank you so much for sharing their stories and photos – I can’t imagine how difficult it is to let them go, but I know you would only let them go to the very best families:-)

  29. Those pups are so adorable! I’m emotional about saying goodbye and I’ve never even met them!

  30. Wow, this card looks like it was an awful lot of work Ann, but well worth it! You are quite the fussy cutter, too! Love all the layers and texture. Thanks for sharing the puppy pic’s, too. They are all so sweet!

  31. LOVE this card!!! and it just so happens i’ve got both stamp sets so i’m gonna give this card a try 😉

    ooooooh AND the puppies have gotten so BIG!!! and blooming with personalities!!!

  32. Yes Ann, thank you for sharing Mini-Muffins with us. they have such adorable faces. I know it was hard to say good bye, you put a lot of yourself into bringing them into this world.

  33. I love Kim’s retirement card. My DAd and dad-in-law both retired from Southern Railway after many years of service. I also love hearing about the puppies. I know you are going to miss them. How is Muffy handling the separation?

  34. Thank you for sharing the chronicles of Muffy and her Mini Muffins. Looking forward to seeing how jack performs in the ring when it’s his time. Love His darling little face, Y Love your blog and the wonderful cards you post. Debie from Sunny Ca.

  35. Ann, I love this card and all the layers. I also love the variety of textures and you’ve sold me on that embossing folder. Congratulations to your husband on his retirement. PS. I was so thrilled to meet you in Hawaii, and those puppies are very cute! xo

  36. Awesome card, Ann! Wow! stunning! Thanks for sharing about the puppies. What a joy (and a lot of work) they must be. You’ll always treasure that time.

  37. WOW for sure! Ann, your card is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Gorgeous in every way! You certainly continue to amaze me! What talent. The steam,trees platform for train, cute out, EF and on and on. Of course it should be special for your hubby. Congratulations to him! The puppies, you have a piece of them in your heart forever. They have been so extra special we have all enjoyed you sharing with us, thank you. Jack is one handsome boy and such a sweet face. Glad you will see Kia. Hope you taught all the new owners how to sing them to sleep. Hugs!

  38. Oh Ann – what a perfect card for your hubby’s retirement. Wishing you and him many happy years ahead! The puppies are so adorable too. Happy to be joining you as a Paper Player! 🙂

  39. Your card is incredible! I didn’t think much of that EF in the catalog, but, as usual, it looks fabulous IRL! As do the puppies, and I am so sad that they won’t be staying with you, but I am sure they will be well-loved in their forever homes! At least you’ll still see Jack & Kia! ♥

  40. Your card is stunning. What a fabulous way to say congrats to your hubby. So sad to see the pups leaving. I hope their forever homes will keep you updated so you can share with all of us.

  41. Wow! I love your card!! I thought it was a Christmas card at first and I think it could be altered into one. I have not been interested in the vehicles stamp set, but I am seeing it in another light:}

  42. Hi Ann, your card is gorgeous! Congratulations to your husband retirement! I’m so sad to see the mini muffins gone, please keep us posted on any news about them! Have a great Sunday!

  43. Such an amazing card & so creative! I love it. It’s so great to see something different done with our stamp sets. Congrats to your hubby. What an accomplishment. Your puppies are sooo cute! I can’t imagine having to give them up. Thanks for always sharing your lovely creations and puppies!

  44. Your card is wonderful. thanks for explaining how you did it. congrats to your husband.

  45. Perfect card for Kim, Ann. Love all the details on it. Can’t believe your little muffins are leaving, but they certainly leave knowing what it feels like to be truly loved, unconditionally!

  46. What a fun design! Just a great guy card. This will be so perfect for your hubby’s retirement,too!

  47. As always a stunning card…definitely belongs in a frame. Ohhhh the is hard to say goodbye..I can see Jack snuggled in your arms helping to heal your heart. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey.

  48. Beautiful card. You always amaze me with your talents. I am sure the Mini Muffins will be in touch from time to time. Your heart is full of love for them. You gave them all they need to know about love. Please keep us posted on any news and pictures you receive from time to time about their growing days. I will miss them too.

  49. Chris R. from Iowa

    When I saw the train and retirement – I was wondering if it would be Kim! What a stunning card! I agree with Terri – we need framelits for the trees – you fussy cutting them is amazing!

    Mr. Chunkers – oh my, I thought he would be on of the first to go! So glad Jack will be staying so we get to see him grow up. Plus, Kia to Brady so we will see photos there too. Oh Muffy, you had a wonderful litter of champions whether to show or not!

  50. A great card. You are such a good fussy cutter. I have a lump in my throat,seeing the mini muffins moving out. Both mama’s will be missing them.

  51. This is such a beautiful card – your design esthetic and attention to detail is just phenomenal – I love your style! And you’re keeping Jack – he was my favorite. I fell in love with his sweet little face. I’m sure it’s hard to let the others go (well, except for Kia), but know that you’re sending out happy, well-adjusted puppies to loving families that you’ve chosen. Hugs to you!

  52. I love your beautiful card! You just have a way of making stamps jump off the page! It really looks like that train is coming out of the woods!
    The mini muffins are precious! They have been so lucky to have you for a human mom! Thanks for sharing there journey with us! I have enjoyed watching it unfold 😀

  53. Happy Retirement to your husband and thanks for the journey with the mini muffins. I know it saddens your heart to see them go, I know from experience. We too kept one from a litter and to see them grow and their personality it does help ease the pain for those that have gone on to their new homes. TFS!!

  54. An absolutely beautiful card! Just love it. I am glad the puppies are finding their way into the world but will be sad not to see them romping on your blog!
    Jack is a lucky fellow and can’t wait to see what he will be doing soon!

  55. The Mini-Muffins are absolutely gorgeous — good enough to eat! I just love that you call them Mini-Muffins! How difficult to part with any of them. Glad you get to keep one and Brady gets one too!
    Congratulations of your husband’s retirement! 42 years — wow!
    The card is beautiful, of course. Have a great Sunday! Nancy B

  56. Great job on the card. Love the layering, embossing, the train, all of it. The trees look awesome. (Framelits would be good!). Can’t imagine how hard it is to say bye to the puppies. They are beautiful, and you have put all your love into them and their mom. Good job.

  57. Cheryl McAskill

    Aww, I teared up too! The mini muffins are so grown! It will be hard, but just know you were the best ‘Mom’ they had! They will love their forever homes and there will be one person in those homes that each one will attach to, because they will be reminded of you! I would say that is an honor!
    Your card is beautiful! I do like the embossing. It just added that little something it needed! You have to tell me how you do the oval with the inside background. What stumped me, I thought I had it figured out, was the steam coming from the stack. I thought the inside ‘ish’ image was that, inside. The steam wouldn’t allow for the card to open if that was the case. So, if I missed something in your explanation, please enlighten me!! Thank you much.

  58. I think this is truly one of the most beautiful handmade cards I have ever seen done! It is frameable and it is art! So sorry to see the puppies go — and glad that you are getting to keep one and will see another. They are priceless but I know that others will love them just as you do.

    This card is absolutely PERFECT!

  59. Your card is wonderful. It was great seeing how you made the train coming out of the card. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your puppies!! I don’t know how your letting them go. It’s got to be so hard. Good luck to you & your husband on his retirement.

  60. First, the puppies. They are gorgeous and adorable, I wish I were getting one. I see you picked one with fabulous markings, love that white down the face. I had a brindle boxer growing up so they are close to my heart.
    Now the card. I can only think of one word, well maybe two. WOW and Stunning! Fabulous card, lots of work in all that cutting, but your hubby will love it.

  61. Ann, your card is gorgeous, I love to see your cards when you create a little scene with stamps like this one, I can almost hear that locomotive rushing by. The texture of the embossed panel, the trees in the background and foreground and the fabulous layout are simply amazing.
    I can’t even imagine having to say goodbye to those puppies, I have never seen them in person, never held them in my arms, didn’t see them be born either but, through the pictures you have shared, I’ve loved them all and I feel so very sad to know they are leaving to live far away and we might not see them again. So glad you are keeping Jack, that might help soothe both Muffy’s and your heart.
    Thank you for making us part of this wonderful Journey and experience.

  62. Your card is beautiful and congrats to your husband on his retirement. I can’t believe your babies are ready to leave. They are adorable.

  63. It was to be 2014 not 2015. Oh my. I am retired. lol

  64. Ann your card is so amazing. The patience you have is unbelievable.

    I’m not a dog owner, but sure do appreciate seeing these darling pups. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Wow — card first – it’s gorgeous! Did you fussy cut all those elements? Amazing job! I love the dimension you achieved. What a great idea!
    Puppies – I bet it was super hard to let those babies go. Each one is beautiful!

  66. Ann, what a beautiful card for your husband. Congratulations on a most successful career! Seeing those sweet faces made me teary eyed. I can’t imagine how attached you must be to each one but knowing they will be in loving, forever homes must make it a little easier. So happy to hear that Brady will be keeping Kia. Hugs to you all!!!!

  67. The masculine card is beautiful. It can be for a woman as well. I retired Dec. 2015. So to me this is a perfect card. May i say “thank you” for the retirement card. I like trains and the card is just beautiful. Glad that the puppies are going to a good home. Jack is a lucky boy to be the chosen one to stay with Mommy. My heart goes out to you all to part with such a beautiful family. Please keep us posted on the puppies, also the rest of the family. Have a super day!

  68. Your card is awesome, it really does look like the train is coming out of the forest. It’s perfect for someone retiring g from the railroad. Congrats to your hubby! Could these puppies get any cuter? They all turned out to be beautiful dogs. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. I’m sure having them go to their forever homes is hard, I hope the families keep in touch with you and yay, we will get to watch Jack and Kias journeys.

  69. One of the nicest masculine cards I have ever seen! Lots of men and boys in my family….can never have enough on hand. God bless you for taking such wonderful care of the pups!

  70. Awesome Card – lots of fussy cutting but absolutely worth it. Did I mention it is awesome?

  71. Your card is beautiful. I love the embossing folder you used and how the train looks like it is coming right towards you. The lovely as a tree stamp set is just so versatile. Wouldn’t it be nice to have framelits that match so we wouldn’t have to cut them out? As for the puppies, I totally get it. Animals are just amazing creatures and help us create such wonderful memories. The mini muffins are adorable and whether they go on to be grand champions like their mom really won’t make a difference to the families who are lucky enough to have them. They will love them regardless. Thanks for sharing.

  72. Your cards are exquisite as the cutout layering…?it those puppies!!!! How adorable!! Muffin did well….created some steal your heart minis!! good job!

  73. Ann, your card is gorgeous; with great dimension and texture along with a great layout.
    My goodness how them muffin puppies have grown.
    Very understandable how difficult it must be seeing them leave home, but I’m sure they will be going to very loving homes and will be well cared for.

  74. Thank you for sharing the joy created by the arrival and growth of the puppies. I am teary hearing they are placed in their forever homes. I can’t imagine how you must feel. They are happy well adjusted pups because of the love you gave them since birth.

  75. I knew you would have a emotional time parting with the adorable pups. Being a dog owner having animals is like having kiddies. They are so cute! Love the man card, awesome!

  76. The train card is so beautiful, great job with that one!! Oh the puppies….I think sending off those sweet animals to other homes would be very difficult too. Those little faces make me smile.

    • Oh, Ann, that card is simply beautiful! I really love it. It’s sad to see the “muffins” leave, I’m sure. You have spent so much time and gone through so much with them.
      Just think how happy they will make others and you will keep one and get to see one! All is not lost!

      Diane Gil

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